Emily's Horse Crazy Webpage

by Emily

I am totally horse crazy cuzz.... My aunt has always loved horses. It was just until September of 2008 that I started taking a real interest in horses. My babysitter's mom and sister run a riding stable. The best part though is that the stable is right behind my house. Me and my friend Emma started taking horseback riding there. We have two riding teachers which means we ride twice a week.

I don't have a horse yet, but im hoping that in a few years once im more experienced I might, JUST MIGHT be able to get a horse of my own-Yay!!!!!!!
Well, that's all I have to put on my webpage right now, come back later and I might have more cool stuff to see AND read!!! ttyl, your horse crazy friend, Emily
P.S. If you want to try out a really cool website go to www.howrse.com it's really fun, you get to buy, sell, and take care of how ever many horses you want! Try it out, the first day I tried it, I got TOTALLY addicted to it! (only half kidding) So yeah, BYE!!!!!

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