Elsa's Redemption

by Katie
(USA )

Part 1

Elsa Ramsey stepped out onto the stile, cold and hungry. What was she doing here? Why had she left her home, her family, her friends? It had seemed so grand at first, but now it hurt so bad she could scarcely draw a breath. If she had known that Lynx would die along this journey she would never have made it. But it was just too late now. She had already endured so much hardship, it wouldn't be worth anything to go back to Germany. All she wanted to do was to go home, but it would be a disgrace to her honor. Elsa couldn't do that. Not to her family, not to her homeland.

Drawing the last bit of strength inside her she lifted her hands to her lips, and let out a staggering owl call. To her surprise, she heard an answer! Not just any answer, the call of a horse. But-but how! Elsa thought. Lynx is dead, no other horse knows me. How can I be hearing this call? Just to make sure it wasn't the wind, Elsa called again. The same answer came. Elsa, shaking her head, stepped back into the hut.

To her surprise, a boy was sitting on the hearth, playing a bagpipe. "You have called me," he said. "My name is Elkhanah. You are making my grandfather's whistle. How did you come to know the whistle of my people?" Elsa drew in a breath, sat down, prepared to be on the rug for a while. "Well, it was a dark and stormy night..."

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Sep 08, 2021
by: Abigail


Great job! You are doing a great job.

I hope you keep writing. I do have a few questions. how old is Elsa? How old is the boy? I do some writing myself. You are already doing a good job. Keep writing don't get discouraged if someone doesn't like it. There is always going to be someone that doesn't like it. but keep going. And enjoy writing. You should always enjoy writing. Keep writing you're doing great! And hurry, I am excited to read more!

Your horse crazy friend,

Jun 30, 2021
Elsa's Redemption Part 3
by: Katie

I think I want to know, Elsa," Elkanah said slowly. "You see, I'm on a journey too."

"But you surely have done no wrong-not like I have!" Elsa cried in distress.

"Not exactly, but can't you see? I'm all alone, and this is not my native country either." There was silence for a moment as Elsa contemplated this.

"I see what you mean-you're only a boy-only a child!Why are you out her all alone?" Elsa demanded.

"I could ask you the same question," Elkanah said quietly.

A sudden whoosh startled them.

"What was that!"cried Elsa, afraid because it was a sound from her past.

"I think it was my grandfather's spirit."

May 13, 2021
Part 2
by: Katie

Part 2

The boy looked at Elsa thoughtfully, wondering why and how this girl had come to know his grandfather and what she was hiding behind those fierce blue eyes.

"I lost my horse on this journey as well," Elkanah said hoarsely. "We are making the same journey-for honor- for life- for our people."

"Not...exactly." Elsa winced, recalling her reasons for going on this path. It was to erase a mistake that had been made in the past-one Elsa regretted with all her heart.

"Why did you come here then? This is a far, far long way from your home," Elkhanah said with ease.

"I...did something no one deserves to know. If you know you will despise me and many people already do. More horror I cannot bear," Elsa turned away, looking as if to another realm.

To be continued! Please comment!

May 06, 2021
Good story
by: Anonymous

Great job! I'm really enjoying Elsa's Redemption. I can't wait to read part 2! 😊

Apr 29, 2021
hey dudes
by: Katie

Hey, I doubt anyone has read this, but if you have please comment, thanks!

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