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by Elizabeth

This is Me and the stubborn pony Bullet.

This is Me and the stubborn pony Bullet.

I began my obsession with horses when I was about 8, when I saw a few foals at a local fair and I saw a small herd of tiny black foals being sold.
After the fair I saw a train going by on a nearby track and imagined all the cars filled with horses for me.

I knew then that I loved horses and wanted to be with them my whole life. I began learning as much as I could about these magnificent animals, and began riding at a friend and local horseman's barn about 2 years ago, going to shows with him, and getting better at riding in general.

My room is filled up with horse models, posters, books and pictures. If you saw it, you might say, like most of my friends, that I couldn't put a spec more of horse stuff in there.

I hope to own a horse of my own someday, and I'm slowly collecting a fund for buying, feeding, and taking care of it. Meanwhile, I'm learning as much as I can and I was glad to join this site. Thank you!

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