Elder - Part 1

by Lilli

in order from left to right: Flash ,Elder, Lexi, Apollo, Charger

in order from left to right: Flash ,Elder, Lexi, Apollo, Charger

The sun slanted through the window of the stable, as the day had begun. The horses nestled their hay with their soft noses, trying to find a fresh piece. The hay had gone stale from the summer heat. They all waited anxiously for the doors to burst open, and the girl to come in. Her name was Alex, and she was horse crazy. Alex owned 5 horses, and all of them were her's. The eleven year old girl wasn't rich, but she wasn't poor. Now you may all be thinking, how can an eleven year old girl afford to feed 5 horses! Well I'll tell you how. Now this is where my story begins.

I held my hand over my eyes, shading my face from the sun. It was only five o'clock in the morning, but the sun was already beating down, with a harsh temperature of 86 degrees.

I peered way over the road to the huge bales of hay-fresh shipped out this morning. There was Lawrence, or better known as, Mr. Taylor, shoveling hay into the wheel burrow for me to take home for free. He had this sort of soft spot for me ever since dad died. After that, my mom told me we had to sell my horses. Mr. Taylor felt awful, so he said once a month he'll fill up the wheel burrow with hay for free. Although, a few times a week, I gather up all the hay on the ground from shipping day.

"Alex, hurry up!" Mr. Taylor waved me over. Sweat dripped down from his cheeks as he handed over the wheel burrow.
"Bring it back by 6."
"Thank you Mr. Taylor." I smiled my biggest most brightest smile and wheeled the cart back cross the street.
"Slow down!" He laughed as he loaded the big bales into his truck. I unlatched the stable door, and burst inside. I was greeted by an assortment of nickers and whinnies and wickers.
"Hey guys!" I giggled rubbing Flash's velvety nose. The buckskin gelding nickered as he kissed my palm.
"I love you too boy!" I giggled. I whirled around to Lexi, then Charger, then Apollo, then Elder. They all seemed delighted to see me. I told them about the new hay they would receive, and it was as if they could understand me.

After finishing the last feeding trough I dumped out the last of the feed in the pile in the empty stall and wheeled the cart out of the barn. I kissed all of my horses goodbye on the way of course, but when I tried to get near the flashy black gelding Elder, he shied and reared hitting the stall door harshly.

"You okay boy?" I giggled reaching out to pet him. He fiercely bared his ugly teeth in an attempt to bite me. Quickly I drew my hand away and looked anxiously at him.

"What's wrong Elder?" I asked. The other horses had begun to stir and get excited and restless. Elder showed the whites in his eyes as he stared at me.

"Elder?" I asked. The gelding made a last attempt to bite me, and this time he snagged my large green sweater and threw me to the floor. I felt my head bang on the concrete ground as he whinnied. A horrid throbbing shot up through my head and a sob burst out of me. I was scared.

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Dec 23, 2010
by: Salonge

That's awesome! Write part 2!

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