Eight Belles 4EVER

by Sarah
(United States)

A horse I was going to buy but...

A horse I was going to buy but...

...was sold right before I could.

I am horse crazy because I just love the way the horses look when they move. They are just gorgeous and they have been my favorite animal since I saw my first horse. That was when I was two. I am 11 now so that was 9 years ago.

One thing that everyone in my class knows about me is that I could go rambling on and on and on and on and on about horses. Everyone asks me why I like horses and I tell them "I just love the way they look. They are so graceful and pretty. They are amazing." I don't really ride but want too and will start this spring.

I hope to be in my stables schooling show in October. My favorite horse breeds are Appaloosas, Arabs, Morgans, and Thoroughbreds. My favorite horse at my stables is an Appaloosa named Spirit. This is why I am horse crazy. On my page there will be more coming.

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