EEP!!! Help! First horse show next month!

by Julie

So, I am having my first horse show next month. I will be showing on a horse I really trust, but I am still nervous. Please help?! What if I mess up, go the wrong direction?... EEP!

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Have fun!
by: Anonymous

Try to get a good sleep the night before, even if you are nervous try to have fun. When I'm nervous, I talk a lot. Joke with friends look at all the horses and take your mind off the show. Worst case scenario, you don't get a ribbon. So what? It's a piece of paper died blue.

Another thing!
by: Taylor

Horse shows are about showing off your horse, so be a actor and show that horse!! Smile, keep your head up high, heels down, and relax! My trainer told me that you have to say, I am going to win this class! Remember not to fiddle around with your reins when the judge looks at you, don't move really and just ride with whatever you got. Good luck :)

Think of something that relaxes yourself!
by: Taylor

I have shown since I was 8 and I am 13 and what I do to keep myself from getting nervous I pretend to play a favorite song in my head (but still pay attention to the class).. Also I think that everyone else who I or you are competing against feel the same way that you do! Talk to who you are competing against about some of your hobbies, etc. it will make both of you relax! And remember its not just you, you have a horse under you! Hope you do great ! Hope this helped!!

you'll be fine
by: thespoon444

your going to be great, stop worrying.

it's fun!!! not scary!!!
by: Anonymous

just pretend your schooling at home!! take a deep breath and relax! think of it as a fun experience, and don't pressure yourself. if it's a flat class, you don't have to worry about going the wrong direction, because you just have to listen to the announcer and see what everyone else is doing. if your jumping, just make sure you memorize your course really well before. and if you mess up, it's fine!! i've messed up terribly and fallen off and stuff at shows, but it's fine in the end. good luck!! have fun!! :D

by: Anna

if you're on a horse you really trust, there's no need to worry! horse shows are short and easy. if you're doing flat you just listen to the announcer like it's your own instructor. if you're jumping, you just memorize a short course, go in, and do your thing! just remember to stay calm, and strut your stuff!

by: ponyperson

all you have to do is relax. practice enough so you know what to do but not so much that your horse anticipates the movements. trust me i was nervous about my first show too. hope this helps ;)

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