Easy Does It

by Jasmin
(Northhampton, Great Britain)

-i made this up-

Clair tightened her grip on the saddle as the white mare reared and bucked. She`ll give up soon, she thought, but just then the mare threw a massive buck and Clair was on the floor.

The mare kicked before cantering to the other side of the sand school. "Will you EVER learn?" she asked to herself as she brushed the sand off of her jodphurs.

She gathered pearl's reigns before putting her in the stable. "How was she then?" askedd laura, the owner of the yard. "Terrible" she grumbled giving laura her whip back. "Maybe you should treat her more nicely" considered Laura. "No fear! I think I`ll stay with the whip and kick method" said Clair. For two months she`d been trying to train pearl but she'd had no progress so far. "I`ll come with you tomorrow" said laura. As if that will help, thought Clair.

"Try my way," suggested Laura after Clair had mounted. "Fine" she mumbled. Clair gave pearl a small nudge and said "walk on." Pearl stepped forward willingly. Clair did a figure eight, a trot, a canter, and a jump. "See " grinned Laura "it worked after all." "Hmp!" Clair replied.

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Dec 08, 2010
i like it!
by: maysrider

that's a great story!

Sep 12, 2010
your story
by: Sydney


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