by Kat
(New Zealand)

Hello. I'm Kat. This is the story of how I found my horse Drizzle.

My Auntie and Uncle live on a farm. They have sheep, a couple of cows, chickens, dogs and a goat.

They don't have any horses, so I used to hang out with the cows, pretending the were my horses (stupid I know, but I was desperate).

I wasn't allowed a horse, because they cost too much, I didn't have enough time, we didn't have anywhere to keep one etc.

Anyway, one grey, drizzly day, when I was hanging out with Lazy and Jane the cows, I noticed for the first time, a large horse two fields away. I could only just see it from behind the trees lining the horse's paddock.

I practically sprinted to the horse's paddock.
The horse was gorgeous!I could see now that it was a he and that he was about 15.3 hands. He was a light dapple grey with a silvery grey mane and tail.

I leaned over the fence and called to him. He trotted over, strangely agile for such a large horse. I gave him some grass and he nearly knocked me backwards with his head, wanting more. He whinnied as if he was laughing at me.

I fell instantly in love with him.

I fed him some more and tried to comb his mane with my fingers. He stood there patiently.

Then and old lady appeared beside the horse. We said hello and introduced ourselves.

"Hello, I'm Amelia. You like Queenie I see?"

"Hi, I'm Kat. My Auntie and Uncle live next door. Is his name Queenie? Poor horse! Why did you name him that?!"

"Heavens! I didn't call him that dear! It was my granddaughter!"


It turned out that Ms. Amelia and her husband had bought their only granddaughter a horse for her 10th birthday. She loved him and called him Queenie.

But 4 months later, her parents dumped the horse at their farm saying that the girl didn't like the horse anymore - she had 2 kittens and that the family was moving to New York. So for a year now, they had been looking after 'Queenie', not really having the heart to re-home him.

Ms. Amelia asked me if I wanted to adopt him, and as much as I wanted to, I couldn't.

She then asked me if I could ride. I said yes and she hurried away, coming back with a tacky saddle, a horrible pink saddle blanket with a matching bridle.

I tacked up 'Queenie' and rode him around the paddock for a while. He was a dream to ride. His movement was so smooth and he listened to me the whole time.

Then a man who I assumed was Mr Ennis came out of the house and stopped me. He said:

"Hey girl, if you like the horse, why don't you take him home? He likes you that's for sure."
Ms. Amelia quickly explained that I couldn't.

"Well alright then. We'll pay for everything 'cause we can afford it, and you exercise him, enter him in shows, feed him, groom him, clean up after him, and call him your own horse. We'll keep him here if you like as long as he's not our responsibility. You'd be doing us a favor."

That did it. I went insane. I raced to my parents and begged, although as soon as I mentioned they were paying, I had pretty much won them over.
My parents came and talked with the couple and sealed the deal.

The horse was mine.

I brought equipment for my horse with my bank money.

I renamed 'Queenie' to Drizzle, like the first day we meet and for once, I was happy.

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Aug 01, 2011
Thanks but...
by: Kat

Actually, this story is a recount of what happened about 2 years ago. I don't have Drizzle anymore :( Mr and Mrs Ennis moved and even though they offered to pay still, my parents and I still said no. We managed for about 7 months but then mum and dad refused to help me pay any more. They sold Drizzle. I still visit him but it's not really the same. Thanks anyway for your comment :):(

Jul 29, 2011
by: Haley

Ugh you're soo lucky. My grandma and grandpa have horses, about 8 and they live right next door(they own a hobbie farm) and i can ride the horses whenever i want, but i still want my own own horse its different idk....

Jul 27, 2011
OMG!!! Soo cool!! :)
by: A. E. H.

I wish that would happen to me!! I had to beg my parents for years about riding lessons, and there is no way that I will ever get a horse.

Jul 27, 2011
Please Comment
by: Kat

Hi fellow horse crazy girls, can you please rate my story if you like it. Thanks, hope you enjoy!

Jul 27, 2011
by: Bec

You're so lucky!!! I am horse crazy but my parents won't get me a horse :( Wish you luck!!!

Jul 27, 2011
by: Emma

Hi is this a true story? If it is that must have been to good to be true! Great job!

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