Dressage Show on Friday! Tips please?

by Anonymous
(Hong Kong)

Hi! I have my first real show on friday (I did one at a camp, but it was just against 4 other girls), and I'm really nervous! I'm entering two classes: a walk/trot introductory dressage class and a walk/trot/canter preliminary dressage class on two different horses.

I already have the test for the walk/trot show and I've memorized it, but I don't for the prelim one yet and I only have 3 lessons to practice both the tests!

Do you have any tips on memorizing the tests and not getting them mixed up while I'm riding them?? Thanks!

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by: Hailey

I ride Morgans in dressage alongside the hunter stuff, and I remember the letters as "All King Edward's Horses Canter Many Big Fences! " Hope this helps. Also, if you can have a caller, go for it. It really helps.

by: Anonymous (original poster)

Thanks! The show was last night and I only did the walk/trot test, but I got 4th place out of 20 people! :D

by: Anonymous

Just do not be nervous, and understand that even the professionals mess up sometimes. If you mess up, do not make a mad face because it will be really noticeable. Instead, just smile the whole time, because my horseback teacher got first in a class that her horse messed up in because she was just smiling. :)

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