Don't Give Up

by Eliza

Sorry, this is a bad picture of Bubba, my dad took it with his cellphone

Sorry, this is a bad picture of Bubba, my dad took it with his cellphone

I first fell in love with horses when I would see them in then running in pasture near my kindergarten. That love deepened when one of the horses tried to eat the teacher's assistants' hair!

When I moved away from there I didn't see a real horse for nearly two years. Sure I got Breyer horses and such for my birthday and Christmas and such but it wasn't like the real thing.

I thought I would never get to ride. My dad was uninterested in horses. My mom is scared and allergic to them. But riding is in my blood. My Great-great-grandfather was a Thoroughbred race horse trainer and so was his son.

I kept asking and asking my parents for riding lessons and finally they agreed to take a look around. After searching the internet for ages we got a recommendation from my Grandpa for a place where a friend's daughter rode.

The minute I saw the place I was in love. I (being 8 year old at the time) told my mom that this was the place. I've been riding there ever since.

After nearly 5 years of riding, 4 years of showing, and 13 of persisting for a horse I convinced my parents to let me lease a horse. I am now the lessee of an amazing chestnut Arabian gelding named Yabba Dabba Blue (Bubba for short).

So, for everyone out there who thinks they will never be able to ride or convince their parents how much riding means to them, don't give up. All of the time spend could pay off someday.

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Mar 24, 2013
by: Eliza

My lease with Bubs may have ended but I am now the proud owner of a half-Arab/Dutch harness horse :)

May 27, 2012
you are lucky!
by: horsegirl

you're so lucky to lease a horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 12, 2012
by: Katie

your lease horse is ADORABLE!!! lucky=)

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