Don't Forget What They Do For You!

by Kristin



Every time you go to the barn, and smell the sweet smell of horses, all your worries go away. But, don't forget all that they do for you! They willingly let you put heavy leather tack on their back, and then let you hop on them. Here are some ways to show that you appreciate them:

1.) Go bareback! I bet that your horse would love to go for a ride without any extra weight.

2.) Just hang out with them. Just because you go to the stable doesn't mean you have to ride. You can give your favorite horse a long walk, from the ground.

3.) Give them a treat. Most horses LOVE an apple or sugar cube like girls love chocolate!

4.) Give them a nice, long groom. It helps them to relax, and what better way to treat your horse than to pamper him/her.

5.) Go on a trail ride. Sometimes being in the arena all the time bores them, so show him/her some new scenery! It's also good for you, because you don't have to act like a perfect rider!

Hope that this helps!

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Nov 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

Yah that does help!!!! lol

Nov 13, 2010
yes it helped!!
by: Anonymous

yes it helped, thanks.

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