by Romaine
(Devon, UK)

part of Golden Wonder's herd

part of Golden Wonder's herd

Chapter 1

Djinda was born on a cold, stormy night. It couldn't have been a worse night to be born. Her mother, Golden Wonder, gave birth in a cave, near the hilltops of the Canteanne Mountains. There was a valley about a mile from there, where the rest of the herd were.

Golden Wonder decided to give birth in this secret spot as it was nice and sheltered. Probably the biggest reason she gave birth alone, was that she naturally was a loner. she had come from one of the far mountains, alone. She wasn't actually a mustang like most of the wild herds here. She was a Brumby, but she wasn't any old color. She was a gold palomino, with a silver mane and tail. Djinda was the first of her foals to take after the gold palomino coat. Other than that, Djinda looked nothing like her. She had a black mane and tail, but the end of both her mane and tail were gold.

As the storm got weaker, Djinda got stronger. She was already up, and had taken a few trembling steps. Golden Wonder pushed her on, knowing in herself that she needed to take her foal back to the herd. Djinda fell down, again. As Golden Wonder nosed her up, she sensed something was coming. She stiffened. Then, as a bolt of lightning struck down, she realized who it was. It was Bel Bel, her sister. Bel Bel nickered, knowing that Golden Wonder had given birth.

"Golden," she called. "Is that your foal?"
"Yes, it's a filly," Golden Wonder nickered back, "I've named her Djinda."
Bel Bel entered the cave and nosed Djinda. "Hello Djinda, I'm Bel Bel."

Djinda took a frightened, wobbly step back. Djinda pressed her body against her dam's. Golden Wonder nosed Djinda, and said, "Don't be shy, darling. She is your aunty. You can't be afraid of your aunty!"

"Hello," Djinda whispered, nervously.

Djinda hid her head behind her dam's hind leg. Golden Wonder nudged her forward and whispered,
'Don't be shy! You need to be strong like the wind! Your life depends on it,' Djinda looked up. 'What's the wind?'

Chapter 2

Golden Wonder trotted towards the entrance of the cave. The storm had blown itself out although it was still raining. She nickered for Djinda to follow her.

As Golden Wonder trotted quickly across the open plain, the wind suddenly picked up, tossing her mane upwards. The sky seemed to open and the huge water droplets fell, quickly soaking the horses. Crack! A bolt of lightning streaked to earth. Djinda snorted in fear.
Golden Wonder was lying on her side, completely still. Djinda nosed her neck. 'Mommy! Wake up!'

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Feb 08, 2021
its really cool
by: Anonymous

I like the story.

Oct 21, 2020
by: willo the horse gentler

Hello, is djinda for buy in stores?

Jun 11, 2020
Wonderful story
by: Anonymous

I am enjoying this story. I want to

May 12, 2020
More please!
by: Sunflower

Enjoying this - please continue!

May 03, 2020
end of Chapter 1
by: Romaine

Chapter 2 added to story... if you want more, please comment!!! :):):)

Apr 23, 2020
So Good
by: HorseLover

I love it. Please keep writing. I want to know what happens next.

Apr 16, 2020
Cute Story
by: Aspen ( Artist )

Adorable story, reminds me of a few I've written, I look forward to more!!!

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