Different country, Different Horse

by Annabel

" Muuuuum!" My little brother Jacob whined." Are we there yet? This is taking ages!" "Jacob! Stop your silly whining and SHUT UP!" My Dad replied. Jacob burst into tears. I glanced at Jacob. I felt sorry for him, Dad can be pretty harsh sometimes.

I woke up to a jolt, we must have landed. The grass looked dryer, there was more people here than is Auckland, New Zealand. We were now in Texas. " Wow, This place is pretty cool, dont you think Anna? Mum asked, trying to break the silence. " I guess so" I reply. That was not the truth. I hate it here already. I miss my friends, miss Blue-Bell stables, miss my life back in Auckland.

We lug our heavy suitcases to the old ranch truck, with a driver that was supposed to take us to our house. I dont even know what our house looks like. " Howdy!" A old man says, leaning on the old truck. " Hello!" My Dad says, and we all say hello quietly as well. Wait.. Did he say Howdy? Dont horse riders say howdy? " ARE YOU A HORSE RIDER!" I say too loudly. " Anna!" My dad says, with a frown on his face. " No way you are getting me near to one of those beasts! Im a sheep farmer!" The rancher, who lately I find out his name is Ben. " Hop right in, and i will drive you to your new home!" he says, So we all hop in the truck, that smells heavily like sweat.

CHAPTER TWO ( im new at this so i dont know how to do chapters!

We rumble down a dusty Texas driveway. We pull up at a old but yet modern 2 story house, made out of bricks. " Here we are!' Mum says. I look on, unimpressed. Our house in auckland was wayyyyy better than this old dump. Ben had obviously seen the look on my face, and he said " It better inside than it is outside.." " Hop out, This is our new home!" Dad said, the first thing since being on the plane. I hop out of the car. The place faintly smells.... Smells of horse feed and leather! Impossible.... This is not a horse ranch! Mum walked up the concrete steps to the house and slowly unlocked the door. The house looked so empty! " Don't worry honey, the movers are coming tomorrow with all our stuff." " Why don't you have a look around the property?" Mum says. " Ok" I say.

I walk around the house.......... OMG THERE IS A STABLE!!!!! There is also 3 paddocks! OMG! I slowly stalk into the stables to have a closer look. I see a black shape moving in the shadows.. Its a horse! O.M.G......

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Dec 29, 2014
by: Sydney from HorseCrazyGirls.com

Nice job! To post more just use the comments link below and make sure the title says which part it is.

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