Diablo - Part 1

by Rayna
(Mesa, AZ, USA)

He lunged at her, bearing his sharp ugly teeth. Quickly, with one swift movement, she drew her hand away,and stumbled backwards, unable to cry for help. She looked up at the angry beast who pawed the air with his hard hooves. A shrill cry filled the air, as he trampled over her, leaving her there, filled with pain.

One cry followed the other, until her voice went hoarse. She had traveled too far away from civilization, so nobody could hear her pitiful cries of help. He darted towards the herd, separating the peaceful family. They raced away from each other, trying to escape his viscous energy.

He was a cast off from the herd.. An angry soul.. He threatened to take the life of anything that crossed his path.. In this case, it was young Taylor Sophia who had refused to heed her mother's warnings about the rabid horse called Diablo.

She watched in dread as he bucked and grunted. With trembling hands, she picked herself up, and wiped the blood from a scratch on her soft face. She took a few shaky steps towards the road, praying that Diablo would not notice.

Unfortunately, he did. He immediately galloped towards her, thrashing his neck in a beastly manner. His long black mane flowing behind him. She glanced back at the roaring brute, and immediately, without a second thought,pushed all her energy down to her feet and ran. The blood pounded in her ears, as her breath escaped her lungs. There was no way she could outrun the beast, but she knew she had to try.

Suddenly, she crashed into the barbed wire fence. The spikes tore her shirt and her flesh. She flipped over it, and landed hard on her back, gasping for breath. Diablo reared up, but luckily the four foot fence was too tall for him to jump, but he continued to try. He whacked the fence, and bit it. Taylor rolled over, and crawled to the side of the road, hoping somebody would see her.

Pain spiraled all throughout her body,and her head throbbed. She could still hear Diablo trying to tear down the fence. A car drove by, and she flinched at how close it was. She heard it squeal to a stop,and a door slam shut.

"Are you okay?" A woman's voice asked. Taylor could do nothing but groan 'no'. The woman gasped and ran to her side.

"I'm calling the police." She said punching some buttons into her phone. Taylor opened one eye, and watched as the woman watched Diablo. She mumbled something under her breath. Taylor gave in to sleep and all went black.

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Jun 22, 2016
Diablo - Part 2
by: Rayna

Pictures floated into her mind... Clear and vivid. Diablo rearing up, Saliva frothing from his mouth. She could distinctly see his awful wounds from self mutilation. The rabies were eating him alive. She could almost cry.

The blackness began to fade, as light lapsed in. Various bleeps and bloops filled her mind, making her head throb. Worried voices arose, and an awful stinging sensation filled her head. She opened an eye, and peeked up at a doctor in a lab coat. His face was drenched in sweat, and he held a defibrillator (the tool doctors use to bring someone back to life. The doctors place the tool on your chest when your heart stops beating).

A sudden rush of panic and fear came over her, as she recalled the events. Oh was mom going to be mad. She would be beyond mad... She would be worried. All thoughts suddenly left her mind---it was though she was a robot being controlled by somebody else. She had no control over her body, and she pushed the doctor's arm's away. He looked at her strangely.

Quickly she tore off all the IV's and tubes and wires, and climbed out of the hospital bed. The doctors clung onto her, trying to hold her down. They shouted various things like "THE RABIES GOT HER!" or "GET THE ANESTHETIC!" and "KNOCK HER OUT!" A sudden prick on Taylor's arm, sent her to the floor, once again engulfed by darkness.

She awoke to a familiar voice, and instantly cringed up. It was mom. (I'm switching to first person. sorry!) I quickly opened one eye to catch a glimpse of her, but nausea came over me, and i shut it. I felt as though it was impossible to think. My head throbbed, my face burned,and my eyes stung. My mouth was very dry, and my chest heart. I suddenly thought of Diablo.

I wondered if there was a way to cure his rabies. Probably not. Even though it was only a week ago that he was discovered. He looked awful. His coat was scraggly, his hind legs and stomach were torn from self mutilation. His ears were always back. I suddenly felt pitiful towards him. I slowly peeked open my eyes again, ignoring the horrid feeling, and I looked at my mom's tear stained face. I had disobeyed her. I quickly closed my eyes and thought about my punishments. Things were looking pretty grim.

2 weeks later

I emerged from the warmth of my quilt, and dropped my feet to the freezing floor. Rubbing my eyes, and yawning, I dragged myself out of bed, and out of my dark room. I glided down the hall,and down the soft carpet stairs. Turning the door handle, I skidded into the cool morning air. (It was like 1 or 2) I tiptoed across the grass, and across the road. I could feel the annoying patch on my right eye, which was now half blind, and the head wrap wrapped tightly around my slit open forehead. I screwed up my face and caught a glimpse of a white horse. Hopefully it was not Diablo.

This was my first time ever sneaking out to see the wild herd. I VERY carefully stepped over the barbed wire fence, and jogged over to the herd. They continued to gracefully graze, as I stroked their dusty coats. I kept my eyes on the white outcast. I was sure it was Diablo. He ran in circles, and bit at his bony sides.

Suddenly he looked straight at me, and slowly walked over. I wheeled around, and followed by the rabid horse, I ran to the fence. Quickly I slid under, and with my heart pounding, I ran back home.

Jul 05, 2011
by: Allyson

you are a very talented writer :)

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