by Andrea

My horse Charlie (Chuck) is a 13 hand, welsh pony-somethin. He's 20 yrs old and my beginner horse.

The other day I was riding and he stopped, started rearing, turned around and ran full speed back home. Jumped a snow bank, around the basketball hoop, nearly taking my foot off, under a low tree branch, around the tack shed, and back into the pasture. All at a full gallop, bareback.

I know nothing scared him because we had just ridden past that area 5 minutes before. And whenever I try to jump on him bareback lately he bucks sideways at me.

He is an awesome lead pony, that's what he did for a while, until I bought him from a lady that said he was the perfect starter horse. And now I know why!!

I've tried parelli with him, nothing. I just need a few tips to keep him in line on the trail! Thanks for reading!

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Dec 18, 2016
Horse vet
by: Macy

Hey, maybe your horse has a sore back. My horse had the same problem and turns out his ribs were sore, so maybe have the vet to check on him.

May 04, 2012
Serriously- R.U.D.E.!!!
by: Andie

Ok, I'm a Intermediate rider, but Seriously did u have to say THAT. U could have just told me I need lessons not that I'm the problem, and if u think my horse is so easy, u can go ride him, bcuz u must be such a good rider with your push button horse. But thank you everyone else for the saddle tips, he does much better now!! And he does have sensitive withers, I got a special saddle and better blanket, thanks for all the tips (and put-downs, I mean really, that was kinda rude, I do know what I'm doing)
Happy trails (and show season!) ;)


May 01, 2012
Problem horse or Problem person?
by: TheRider

Technically you're the problem. You are letting him do that, don't let him do it! When he starts to lay his ears back, rear, take your inside rein and pull his head to your leg, around and around!

P.S. Horsey has a point, one rein stopping!

Mar 22, 2012
devil pony
by: Anonymous(aka cassie)

i am that happy you found my advice useful about his saddle.

Mar 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hi, she could have got spooked because horses see something they get scared of then when they aren't scared they go ok. But when you change direction they do it all over again. When your horse is about to stop, spin him /her in a circle and say "get up!" and use your whip. Eventually when your pony is sick of it he will give up. If he gets to a rear lean forward leave the reins alone and kick him. Does your horse know how to do a one rein stop? If not then you should get him taught for it because it is one of the most important things in training your horse. It's mean when your horse bolts as soon as they take off you pull their head to you knee and they stop. It may take em awhile to calm dowm but it works :)

Feb 20, 2012
Aww Charrrliieee...
by: Abby+Millie

Heya! :)
Maybe Charlie is having back problems, like the other user said.
As with bolting, that's my category. ;) Millie is the *champion* bolter and I have lost count of how many times she took off because of a garbage dumpster, rabbit, or semi truck. ;)
First of all, sit tight in the saddle. It does no good when you're bouncing around! Learned from experience. Lol.
Then, pull back on the reins. Not constantly, but use a give and take. Simply bump and relese. Eventually, she'll "hear" that.
I would recommend using a leverage-type bit - it helps "stop" the horse better. I do not use a bit on Millie, but on Star, my Appendix QH, I use a curb and clip his reins to leverage, because he's such a hard stoppper.
Instead of using a snaffle type bit for control, I would recommend leverage because it brings the horse's head to his chest, forcing him to stop.

All in the end, I'm not an expert, but I hope my feeble tips help ya with Charlie. Good luck and God bless!

Abby+Millie <3

Feb 11, 2012
by: Andrea

Well the first saddle I put on him he was really touchy in the withers, I took it off him right away. Then I borrowed a high wither saddle and he seemed to like that. He is 20, when I the vet comes this spring I'm gonna put that on my list of questions. He is a pony too, and old. Thanks for the advice :)

Feb 10, 2012

have you ever thought that his back is the problem? u c if u ride him bare back u put more pressure on his back than the saddle he might be trying 2 tell u 'ouch not the back!' try and ride him with a saddle and see if he rears or buck; etc if he doesn't than his back is the problem. also i believe the sadness is somewhere around the withers are that is what we tend to lean on when jumping bareback and u said he had some problems jumping.

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