Delightful Dancer - Part 1

by horseshoe

This is a fictional horse training story.

I walked to the middle of the training whip in one hand and the lunge line in the other. I flicked the whip at Dancer.He obeyed, walking, one ear flicked towards me. The stirrups jangled in their leathers as he walked around in the newly bought saddle my mom had given me.

I was training Dancer, my bay Quarter Horse gelding, to be perfectly obedient- I wanted him behaving perfectly for the Regional Horse Jumping Show coming next month.

After a while,I took off his halter and lunge line, and put away the training whip. It was time for our jumping practice now. I grabbed Dancer's bridle.He was still where I tied him in the paddock.

Then we were ready. I rode him through a trail in our small patch of timber, and it had several logs I used for jumps.He sailed perfectly over each one. Although he hadn't been bred for jumping, he certainly seemed to enjoy it. I laughed in pleasure after the last jump. " Good boy, Dancer," I said, stroking his slightly damp neck.

The next month passed by way too quickly- I still didn't feel like I was ready for the Regionals. But the big day came, and I hardly ate my breakfast.I tried calming down the jitters as I loaded Dancer. Being with my best friend made me feel safe.

When our truck went into the gate of the fair that was hosting the Regionals that year, I looked around in excitement about me.

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Mar 27, 2011
'Delightful Dancer'
by: Elise

I really liked the story because I own a bay gelding named 'Daylight Dancer', who actually DID win the regionals for his jumping division! However, he is a TB and is now retired.

Just thought I comment on the have an over-all great story!

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