Dear Shocker

by Tilistra

Photo credit: aloiswohlfahrt via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: aloiswohlfahrt via I'd Pin That

I galloped around the arena, Mark cheering me on. I grinned. I was galloping, actually GALLOPING!!!!

"Ok now, Letty, slow down to just a canter, and we'll get you to jump number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, we'll go back to 7 8 and 9 later."

I cantered smartly around the ring, looking at jump number 1. Champion hopped over it, easy as abc. I was amazing at riding, Mark told me. He was my trainer, and was almost like a uncle to me. Champion lept over the rest, they were about 8-9ft high!

Heidi, my little sister came out to greet me. She was six, a sweet girl, with shoulder-length brown curls, and beautiful blue eyes.

"WOW!!" She whispered, her eyes widening in awe. She could only jump about 3ft. I smiled triumphantly at her. I slowed down after I had finished my last jump, then trotted out the school, patting Mark's head as I went. "Thanks." I held my hand up as a sign of gratefulness. Heidi walked sensibly along beside me, as I was walking now.

I slid off Champion's back, and lead him into the stable, Heidi followed. I untacked, and gave Heidi it to put in the little tack room joined to the barn. She lay in the hayloft, while I groomed Champion happily, singing as I did. I gave him some fresh hay, and cleaned his water trough, then joined Heidi.

The hayloft smelt like sweet-smelling hay, and I wrapped myself in it. I grabbed Heidi's hand, and we climbed down the ladder, Heidi still covered with hay. I brushed my jodhpurs off, and tried to clean my younger sister as well. Her little green dress, and long white sleeved t-shirt, smartly put on underneath her dress, had turned slightly yellow. We laughed quietly, and we ran into, shutting the stable doors behind us.


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May 16, 2016
by: Claudiahorselovr

It's very good, but a little... unreal. 88 to 9 ft high? If she is a teenager, that's unreal. That is nearly double my height! I'm 5ft 1in. I've watched show jumpers jump, PROFESSIONAL SHOW JUMPERS, IN THEIR 30S, and they only jumped 7, maybe 8. I feel like this girl in the story was unreal, like she wanted everyone to look up to her, a bit too boastful and cantering in arena? But please, keep writing!

Dec 29, 2014
keep writing
by: Sydney from

Sorry it took a while to post it. Hope you'll post part II!

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