Dead Horse Point

by Reina

View of Dead Horse Point

View of Dead Horse Point

Have you ever heard of Dead Horse Point?

Well, I have known about this place since I lived in Ephraim, Utah, which is about an hour or two away from this location (I think it can be 3 hours at the least). My older sister bought me a card that had a horse on it and it read Dead Horse Point on the front.

Well, for years I've been wondering about it; I already knew the story, but somehow it got messed up. Dead Horse Point is a rock peninsula above sheer sandstone cliffs. It's connected to a mesa by a narrow strip of land called a neck. The story is there used to be some wild horses around there, and there was a group of cowboys too. The cowboys would round up the horses and corral them up here at Dead Horse Point.

There was a gate made of brush. The men would choose the horses they wanted and left the gate open. Some reason those horses didn't leave and died. One story claims that on one of the round ups the men left the horses in the corral with no way to escape, so they died of thirst and starvation.

Oh, this place is located near Moab, Utah. I've never been here before. I'd like to go here someday. It'll be a fun but quick trip. Even though the temperatures are outrageous it's still a wonderful place and very beautiful. While on the way you may want to look at Ghost Rock, which is between Green River and Salina Utah.

I hope all of you have a nice vacation and a nice summer. Keep up your dreams. For some reason I can't wait for summer to be over. Well, please don't stop reading my stories and pages, hope you like them. Bye, see ya next time.

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