Dead Crazy - Part 1

by Jacinta
(Australia. vic)

I ran along the road nervously the wind whipping at my face, I don't truly understand what I'm doing but I know I just have to keep running.........

My name is Jazmine and I have always loved horses I thought since I don't have siblings money would be easier but here I am curling my brown hair around my finger. For today, I was getting riding lessons (finally!).

I wander in confusion but I was still to nervous to ask anyone, but all of a sudden I feel host breath at the back of my neck. I jumped letting out a yelp I look back to see a flea bitten grey horse tossing up its and let out a big yawn. "Wow." I put my hand forward to stroke her and then let her sniff my hand she began licking it sorta.

"Are you Jazmine? Because if you are Jenny is looking for ya," said a black haired boy. I nodded, "oh, I see you met jewel. And I'm Jacob."
I smiled too nervous to speak. He moved host hand in motion to tell me to follow. I walked behind him then saw a woman smiled at me.

"Jacob could you tack up a horse for Jazmine? I just need to explain the basics," Jenny asked and Jacob nodded, and walked off.

After jenny had finished explaining stuff about tack and I had groomed a bay gelding called mint, Jacob walked up with jewel who wore an all-purpose, English saddle and a bridle jenny brought me over to a stool which she called a mounting block. I mounted jewel and rode.

After a whole lesson being told to keep my hands and heels down, I patted jewel who was now grazing. The sun was coming down then out of nowhere a high pitch neigh broke the silence. All the horses looked up. I ran along to see what was wrong and their lay a mare crushed under a branch who looked so like jewel. It made me flinch. Another horse, a gorgeous buckskin ran around her in shrill panic.

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Nov 14, 2013
:D cool
by: Elizy

well I could tell that this is going to be a cool book!

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