Dawn's Horse Life

by Dawn

Hello, my life is just filled with horses! Every day I see horses, smell horses and feed horses crazy part is I don't live on a farm. I live in town but own three horses who I love to death.

There's my boy Luke a pure quarter horse and Caramilk, a qh/appy/morgan mix, then Cami (full name is Samantha's Sami) who is a purebred stander. Unfortunately, I'm selling Cami because her legs are too small and delicate for the Alberta prairie.

Also her hoofs are too small, they'd fit right in a gopher hole or her legs would break because of tractor ruts. So I'm selling her :( but then again, she doesn't like me too much, always lays her ears back at me.

Anyways, that isn't all. My bff lives on a farm with about ten to fifteen horses and we always go to the auctions. That's my life. Bye!

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