CSS layouts for Freewebs.com

by Angel690

I've played Howrse for 110 days and I've created a Club very small but im hoping it will grow anyhow I made a website for our club on Freewebs but i hate all of their templates and I cant create my own template HTML isn't so hard if u no wat ur doing but CSS (cascading style sheets)is a pain in the butt its like learning HTML all over again and harder this time! CSS doesn't take normal tags its very case sensitive and im going crazy with all these graphic designers! Money money this money money that passes passes they r like vultures! i no making layouts r hard but good gosh the price some of theses ppl charge is robbery! 10 PASSES and 50,000 COINS WTH! and some of the good designers that r cheap or cheaper only make em for friends and high breeders thats not right! Can someone help me plz?

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