Crystalia, The Lost Mare - Part 1

by Alex


Mayabel slowly cycled through the woods, the wheels of her old dusty dirt bike creaking at every movement.

"Bel! Bel! Mayabel! Where are you?'" Mayabel ignored the calls from her older sister Belinda.

"I really don't feel like talking to you right now." Mayabel muttered to herself. Belinda was always fighting with her sister. She annoyed her, scared her and yelled at her. A tear dropped down her cheek.

Mayabel loved her sister, but she was now 14, and would soon be a woman. Her parents already controlled her enough, making her quit horse riding and all. Now Belinda had just told her that she was adopted!

"You were just 2 years old, I was only 6." Belinda had said, "Your mother was young, and I wanted a sister. But that was a mistake! You have always been different to us, I can't believe that you didn't figure it out for yourself! You are so particular and boring, and so serious! We are all loose and free, Mayabel, and we have black hair, while you have blond!"

"Dad said that I had Grandma's hair! I don't care what I look like, or how I act, I am a part of this family! I don't believe you!"

"Well you have to live with it now, because you are NOT a Johnson!" And with that, Mayabel sped off on her hand-me-down bike and into the forest.

Halfway down the bike track, Mayabel quickly dodged a pile of mud at the last minute, but it was too late. Her front tyre became stuck on a rock, and poor Bel flew off and hit a tree, her golden locks now a thick coat of green and brown.

Mayabel heard a loud rip and put her hands in her head. She blinked and looked down at her brand new designer jeans, now torn to shreds.

"Belinda? HELP!" Mayabel screamed. No response. She bursted out in a crying fit. Bel sat there, more upset than ever.

"Great, now I am lost, injured and alone." She moaned. But then, her back started to tickle and she felt a nudge. Mayabel slowly turned around and couldn't believe her eyes. Standing right behind her was a stray Mare!

"Oh my gosh!"

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Nov 24, 2011
by: gk99

Please write more! Maybe about how Bel and maybel fight over the horse idk!

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