Cryptic the Short and Sad Tale of A Young Mare

Cryptic a slim, weak grey mare was hidden by the crowds of horses. Every color of horse you could think of black, white, chestnut, bay, liver chestnut and many more. There were people coming in and out of the stalls and pastures but not one looked at her. They all looked at the pure black stallions or pretty white mares.

Then finally, one girl stopped in front of her. The girl cried out a shout of joy and yelled to her mother."This one I want this horse!" Cryptic whinnied nuzzling the girl softly. They may think that she didn't but Cryptic understood every word that the girl said. The mother came around to the stall and said to the girl "We will try Alexis but we have to bid for her in the auctions later today."

Later that day at the auctions Cryptic walked onto the stage where she could look out and see everyone who stood criticing her every move. Her late owners washed her and she looked sleek and like a new quarter. Instead of booing her like he thought the crowd oohed and ahhed. She heard the first bid "700" shouted a man who looked mean and harsh from a horse's point of view.
Then she heard the bid that she had been waiting for. From the mother of Alexis she heard "2500". The auctioneer said "Going, Going....." and then herhes were shattered like a piece of thin glass. She heard a bid from the mean man again "3000" and the auctioneer said "Going, Going, Gone. Sold to the man with 3000 dollars." She was handed off to the man and her head hung low and if horses could cry she would be sobbing.

The next year Cryptic layer on the ground with her new filly. When the man had bought her who she learned was Jack he had bred her. Now twelve months later she was with her newly born filly minutes after giving birth. The life seeped out of Cryptic and she thought of he girl whom she had wanted to own her. Who now she would never know. Her eyes flickered to Jack running into her stall.

But, it was too late. Her vision was going blurry and she knew that she would never get to know her daughter. That she would never be able to live a full life. Most of all though that he would never get to know the kind girl named Alexis. As she heaved her last breath Alexis was all she thought of and she knew her life had not been fulfilled and it was a Cryptic Story for sure.

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Oct 25, 2019
Super sad 😔
by: Anonymous

Why such a sad story? You have TALENT!! Use it! :) Try writing a happy story. Not putting you down at all! Just want to see what else you can do! Please post more stories!

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