Crazy True Story!!!

(Hampton Bible Horse Camp)

Last year I went to this summer horse camp for a week and we did this horse show with our lesson horses.

My horse was a palomino appaloosa with a few spots on her back. I braided her tail and mane and brushed her. I chose the black saddle and put it on her. I put on the lead rope, and she started walking. I was about to get on her when she stepped on my foot!!! I was lucky I didn't break my foot. I got on carefully, and I started trotting towards the end. I turned around and cantered towards the jump.

Once my horse got over, I celebrated. I couldn't wait for my next turn. I started riding towards the exit when I lost control and my horse and it started galloping and jumped over again and again while I held on for my life until I put my feet back in the stirrups. I grabbed the reins and stopped the horse before it ran into the electric fence!!!

I have never rode a horse since!!!

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by: Anonymous

I agree with TheCougar. You might have even gotten on sooner because the longer you wait the more your going to be afraid because you will work it up in you head that all these things could happen and you don't want to go on one. Don't read or listen to stories about dangerous situations or you will be frightened because I listened to something that happened with my mom and cried every time i got on a horse and no I can't wait to ride a horse everyday (not that I do,I go to a monthly camp) and I love to gallop and run o him like he is a racehorse, and he gets jittery if I don't!

I hope I helped

by: TheCougar

I suggest, since you say you haven't ridden since the camp, that you try again, starting slow; maybe just at a stable hand. I understand (possibly) why you've chosen not to ride anymore. But I also know how to overcome that. The only thing you lack is assistance. You need a good trainer (group or private lessons) to help you be proactive. A good trainer would help you learn exactly how to keep a horse from even think about bolting.

Please rethink your riding career, because horses, though they are big and dangerous creatures, are beautiful and rewarding as well. I'd be surprised if you replied you didn't miss riding ;)
Please comment back; I'd like to see what you think.

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