Crazy Horses and Cold Weather

by anonymous
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This story isn't about one horse but many,and mind you this is all completely true! Experienced through a shabby but fantastic stable in Belguim with the most extraordinary stories to tell....

My riding instructor took in horses, mainly troubled and crazy and turned them in to riding school ponies. She was an amazing trainer. the BEST!! We had been to many stables but the first couple of ones we hadn't liked. Here are some of the strange and quite funny things which had happenned at other stables.

For example, when i was about 7, I was riding a horse called Pappi, when a pigeon flew in front of his face and he bolted. As i hung on for dear life, my instructor was barking orders at french. Having just moved to Belgium I knew very little French and did not understand what she was saying, so you can understand I was in a bit of a pickle. Another time my sister was riding a horse called frisbee, and the instructor proposed the idea of going for a "petit gallop" (french for "little canter"). My sister, thinking she meant gallop as in the fastest pace, took off at an extremely fast pace, promptly lost her balance and stuck her hands up against the wall to keep herself from slipping. But enough about that. The stable which I learned to ride at now...

She once got a horse called Snoopy. Snoopy was about a shetlands height but much skinnier than the typical chubby shetland. He was bay with petite hooves. I have acouple of stories about him.

1) he was an incredibly fast pony and to keep him under control he had to be very close to the pony infront. 10 cm away was doing quite well with a pony like Snoopy. This pony was an amazing jumper though. The best for his height in the whole stable. For a second when he was jumping you could just let him go and he would fly over those jumps and it was he most amazing feeling.

2)once I rode a pony called Milou... and he bucked me off I landed hard and had a throbbing head. So a girl, riding Snoopy offered to take him for the canter. She was quite a bit taller than me and the stirrups were far too long. I reassured myself that nothing would happen but no sooner had a said this he took off. as I wrestled with the reigns, I thought I am not falling off again and regaining my balance, me and Snoopy went for quite an enjoyable stirrupless bolt around the arena

3)Once I asked my instructor if I could go to the bathroom during the lesson. As I got off, Snoopy sighed a huge sigh of relief. When I got back on he tensed up again.

I was never mean to him but I'm pretty sure he was abused and was trained in cruel and wrong ways because he had such incredible fear. But while some horses tensed up with fear, others retaliated in anger. One horse called Spirit (aptly named, that horse!)also quite small, about shetland size, white, but black skin, so grey with one black spot on his rump and quite stocky. I was riding out into the forest where we always started our lessons when i saw a pair of white legs come over the door. No body or head just a pair of front legs from knee down over the door. At first, I thought I was hallucinating, but later, I told my sister what I had seen and she confirmed it. Our instructor had gotten a crazy grey horse called Spirit. He had kicked the wall and stall door so much that it was splintered and destroyed and he had to be taken out of the stall, for he was so stressed. Later, once trained, I rode Spirit and my instructor had done amazing things. Aparts from being amazingly stubborn in the turning factor he was placid, nice to people and pretty much a push-button pony. He didn't buck, just refused to turn. Oh, and trust me he didn't turn extremely well.

Here's a little ender. I went to the International Show Jumping of Belgium and saw Rodrigo Pessoa ride his horse Roadrunner. Roadrunner was quite young and still getting used to the showgrounds environment. In his excitement, Roadrunner lived up to his name, and ran... demolishing an entire jump. And whats more he did it with the jump with the most poles-at least twelve poles flew down to the ground. It was the best knockdown penalty in the whole show.

If you liked these stories, please give me feedback and I'll post more stories. Got plenty more stories where these ones came from!!!!

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Nov 18, 2011
by: pony lover

sounds like u had lots of experience. your stories are cool.

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