Crazy about quarabs

by Katherine

I just love riding and taking care of horses! Even though I don't have my my own horse, I love them to death. I am not one of those kids who is like " I Looooove horsies" for a year then moves on. I AM positively horse crazy!
One of my pet peeves at trail rides is that some people will not groom their horses in the morning, nor tell the annoying kid to stop bouncing up and down in the saddle.

I am against pony rides, as I do not see them being praised or fed a treat or something between rides, and the fact that you only go in circles.
When I was 5 or so, one of my daydreams was to go on a pony ride, and then urge my pony away from the ride and go trotting around, away from all the annoying people.

But when I would even TOUCH the reins, a person would say "stop that, you'll scare the horse". SCARE? Hello, it's called a responding touch people!

Lots of people ask what my favorite horse breed is, and I say a Quarab. What is a Quarab you ask? It's a mix between an Arabian and a Quarter horse.
I love QHs, but I also love the stamina of Arabs. Thus concluded, I love Quarabs.

If ya want to know, I am actually just 12! I'm a little angry with child labor laws since I can't work at a stable yet, but then again, do YOU want to work in a coal mine?

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Apr 18, 2011
by: amanda


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