Craziest Horse Show Ever!

by Rachel

I was at my first horse show. I was overwhelmed by all the people riding their huge thoroughbreds jumpers, and me riding my small, 13.2hh, welsh pony hunter. It was incredible. I looked over and saw a woman lunging this beautiful dapple grey. His stride was amazing. Wherever the front foot had taken off from, his back foot had landed. You could easily tell it was an arabian by the face and the lifted tail. I stood there staring not knowing i was in front of a jump in the middle of a warm up ring. This rider was coming straight towards me. (wow, you think that they would be a bit more considerate.)

So i moved out of the way and went to a safe spot where i could watch the beautiful arabian canter on and on. This horse was absolutely perfect. The conformation, the legs, the stride, everything! I decided to ask her how old the horse was, and stuff like that. But before i could think about going over there, the horse that had almost run me over, was running towards the arabian's little canter circle. I immediately thought "OMG! they're gonna crash!" It was too late though. Lucky enough horses have amazing eyes. The arabian saw the other horse coming and he was off. Everyone chased the horse around all the barns and rings. I stood there bewildered at what i had just seen. I knew this place like home, me and my friend had already explored it.

I saw the horse canter by and knew immediately how to sneak up on it and catch it. I kicked my small pony into a canter, she's small, but im telling ya she can canter! I snuck around and saw the arabian coming. when it ran by,i grabbed the line, and tide it to my saddle, as fast as i could. Then i pulled my pony to a halt. Immediately the arabian stopped. I felt like a hero, it was amazing.

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