Cowgirl Up Party

by Savannah D.
(West Virginia)

I am actually doing this party this year. My party starts out with a barrel race and I am using stick horses and we are timing and whoever gets the best time wins a prize.

We are also doing a wheelbarrow race where you wheel someone in the wheelbarrow to the cone and around and back, and then we are doing a trail class with a big stuffed horse where we walk over sticks and we have to back up in the shape of an L and then we lope to the judge and wait for everyone else to go through.

And then we are going to eat cake which is shaped like a boot which we are decorating with skittles and m&ms and we are having root beer floats for a western themed drink. After we eat we are doing horseback rides and we also are having a scavenger hunt.

We are doing a bonfire later in the evening and roasting marshmallows and having smores !!

We are having a small horse show, showing my miniature horse and we are doing a gold hunt which was just big rocks painted gold. For real food we had nachos and cheese and also had roasted hot dogs later in the evening.

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