by Maiven (May May)
(Alabama, USA)

this is Rawhide stables 8D

this is Rawhide stables 8D

I've always loved horses since i was so little i don't know how i knew what a horse was! Anyway, like i was saying I've always loved horses but at first i had no way ride them. I couldn't stand it! My mom took me trail riding every now and then but you rode a different horse every time and didn't learn anything. Finally my mom got me some horse lessons. It's been sooo fun! I mean i have gotten hurt a few times and almost scared to death but it is totally worth it! The first time i rode a horse named Joe and he was great but the next time i rode a horse named Cowboy and i fell in love! So since then I've been riding cowboy but i think I'm going to tell two of many horse accidents that have happened to me 1 that hurt and 1 that almost scared me to death.
It was a bright, sunny, but cold morning when i reached Rawhide stables, when i got there i was very disappointed to see someone else had gotten there first and chosen to ride Cowboy. So i ended up riding the cute pony dusty. We all went into the arena and were doing a few laps and i rode up to one of my friends who was riding Joe. Little did i know that Joe wasn't to fond of Dusty. In fact I'm pretty he almost hated him (the reason unknown)so i guess i got to close and in one quick movement Joe swiped his head around and tried to bit Dusty! And he bit really hard, i should know because he missed little old Dusty and good bite in my thigh! Man that hurt! I got off and went to get some ice but I'd say about ten min. later i got back a different horse named Rocky. I had a giant bruise there for weeks. And still to this day i have a dent in my thigh!
It was a very HOT afternoon when i came to Rawhide stables. I hadn't been riding very long then. And i was riding Cowboy(i guess i forgot to mention he was a retired barrel racer. his former owners thought he was going lame but they were just working him to hard but he still LOVED barrel racing) we were practicing our barrel racing, my first time doing it, when we started everyone else went first so i would get the idea. When it was finally my turn i took my place and started cowboy up. He took off so fast i couldn't see what was going on! he went out of control and i lost my stirrups i tried to stay on with my life! Finally he slowed down and i grabbed the rains and stopped him after that everyone came and congratulated me for staying on and Brad (my trainer) gave me a nice cold soda! But now that I'm more experiences me and Cowboy LOVE barrel racing!

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May 01, 2010
by: Sydney

Ouch, that must have really hurt when you were bitten! Horses have big teeth.

I am glad you found a horse to ride and love. Isn't it the best???

PS love all the horse pics!

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