Cookies and Cream

by Rayna
(Mesa, Arizona)

This is Cookies and Cream

This is Cookies and Cream

§┌This story is made up. BUT IT IS BASED ON A TRUE STORY. The story of a bunny that I own named Cookies and Cream. He lost the use of his back legs after some mysterious mishap. He now travels everywhere on his adorable handcrafted wheels!§┌

Sorry this is a bunny story!

Suddenly, with a small, crack, a small spark of pain spiraled down my spine until it reached my limp legs filling them with complete and total numbness. I tried to move my leg bones, but nothing happened. I looked around trying to make sense of the scene. I wasn't in any type of pain. What could it be? I tried again to move my leg bones. Nothing. Wiggled me toes. Nothing. I couldn't feel any muscle past my stomach. What had happened? Hoping a small nap would help my legs, I crawled into the hole, past the other bunnies and took a nap.

The next thing I knew, I was being caressed like a baby in the hands of a human! I looked around. there was the girl I saw everyday. Rayna I think her name was. "Here I'll take him!" Rayna offered grabbing me from the other human. Then she set me down. As she did my legs collapsed under me! A sharp pain shot up my spine giving me chills. I made my way into the other hole trying my hardest not to be caught. "Oh my!" The other human exclaimed catching sight of my limp legs being dragged after me. "That's kinda creepy." the girl laughed. "You think?" I thought. She picked me up. "Not again!" I thought. She pulled one of my legs. "Oh no!" She screamed starting to cry. "I think he broke his legs. You guys should go so I can take care of him." She told the other human. "Okay. Maybe tomorrow. Bu-bye!" and with that the other human had left.

The girl began to cry as she left the pen still carrying me. She brought me inside the house and set me down on a rug. Her mom was next to me. "What?" Her mom asked. The girl pointed at me. I held my head in shame as the mom exclaimed. "No! I'm not burrying any more bunnies!" The girl picked me up and brought me down stairs. She caressed me like a baby and sat on a chair. I looked around. She stroked my head. "It's okay." She whispered. She was terribly worried. "We're gonna have to put it down." I heard her mom say. The words still echoed in my mind.

"Burrying any more bunnies..."

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Nov 21, 2010
by: Rayna

Cookies and Cream passed away November 8, 2010. It was a horrible death, flies had laid eggs on his wound. I like to think that up in heaven, he's hopping on those little legs of his. Rest in peace.

Aug 21, 2010
by: rayna

Neither got put down. My real bunny is doing great. He actually gained the use of one of his legs again! But the other one is still limp so when he can move that one.....I'll be so glad!

Aug 14, 2010
Oh No
by: Anonymous

Did your REAL bunny have to be put down? Did the bunny in the story have to be put down? I'm really sorry about your bunny.

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