Club Pony Pals...Virtual Lessons?

by SweetBird

How do you get these virtual lessons? I hear people talking about it and I want to try!

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Apr 02, 2011
I can help...I think!!!
by: Bec

The lessens are on every Tuesday from 6pm.I am not allowed to go to the lessens but I am sure they are good!!!

Hope this helps!!!

Jan 23, 2011
Virtual lessons??
by: Anonymous

Hey! I've never heard of it, but can you get an instructor and when u ride she tells u to trot, canter and stuff like that? And how can it be a lesson if u just chat??

I haven't played the game for so long, so I don`t know so much...

Please comment back!!!
Bye <33

Jul 28, 2010
Live Chat
by: RustyGirl

The lessons (text based) are on Tuesdays and at Sleepovers. To get to the lesson, wait until 6pm Eastern time, then go to either your private page or the forum and click the Moderated Live Chat link. Lessons usually start half an hour after regular chat does, so go into that room first. The admins will tell you when the lessons are starting if you ask them to :)

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