Club Pony How come it is so cool?!

by Naomi

As a member of and a reader of the (super awesome)books-Pony Pals, I can understand what the Olsen's farm, Wiggings Estate, Babb Brook, three birches, Pam's horses Splash and Daisy, and so much more is about. It's the funnest thing out there people!
I would definetly recommend it to help your horse skills, if you have a horse, and it's fun for people with and without horses. You can win things, too!
Now, about the new and so-called update, there is supposed to be the opening of the Olsen's farm and Wiggins Estate, you can get two or one more pony(I'm saving my money)that comes with a free cabin that you can put furniture with. I got from my email subscription a preview of the cabin and lemme tell you, it looks cool and cute as a button!
Club pony pals is free, no downloads or payments at all. You can buy things with your Wiggins bucks, and stuff for your friends too. It is not complicated at all, fun, easy, and definetly FOR A HORSE CRAZY PERSON!!!

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