Clifford, my horse really made my day

by Anneka
(Qld (to be NSW) Australia!)

Clifford (Chestnut) and I (front) and Sophie and Suzy (Grey horse)

Clifford (Chestnut) and I (front) and Sophie and Suzy (Grey horse)

On Wednesday the 7th of December, it was pouring down rain (in Australia)! I walked through 12.5 acres and pouring down rain to find them at the last place I looked, up the top paddock. They were taking shelter from the rain. My sister was already up there as I had been making the feed. She was leading Suzy, her pony behind her.

Cliff hadn't noticed and he was 200 m away. Soon he looked up and trotted, then cantered towards us. He whizzed past Sophie, and Cliff was spooked by the wind and rain, and everything around him. He cantered by me then he stopped, and turned, and waited.

He looked at me and let me walk up to him easily and give him a kiss. It was so sweet of him! Through all this rain, he could have run home and got his dinner straight away, without a halter and he chose to stay with me, and get a halter on.

I have only had him since August.

I want your opinions. Do you think this is a sign of good partnership?

I think we sort of have the same personality. Cheeky yet "quiet and sensible" :D It works out, somehow.

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Dec 12, 2011
by: Katie

yeah, maybe!!! Lol

Dec 11, 2011
by: Anneka

Aww....thanks guys!
Yes, Clifford. Cute name I think too. "Clifford the big red dog"
"Clifford the small orange horse" or big pony as he is 14.1hh.... That is in Australia though, so it is different to other places :)
I think we give him to many carrots, I don't think a horse should be that orange! lol :)

Dec 10, 2011
by: lucinda

wow that is definitely a partnership. my pony would have just gone to the food! I like his name.

Dec 10, 2011
by: Katie

I would think that, that is a great sign of his affection for you! If he would rather come to you than food, I would say that is a pretty good start! Now, I am not an expert, or anything, but to me that sounds great!!

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