Clicker Training with Crackerjack

by Suzanne
(Lake George, NY US)



I have a 17 year old Palomino gelding. I have owned him for 10 years. His name is Crackerjack and he is a very good boy today but was not always that way. He had some pain issues early on and made him somewhat aggressive.

I was told to put him down a few times and a vet told me 3 years ago that I would never ride him again. But, I am still riding him and stay positive about it. He had been mishandled by someone who owned him before me so he could not be pushed too hard but I still need to learn how to be firm. It was a learning process for he and I.

I did learn how to do clicker training and it was very effective with him. I taught him how to stretch, put his head down while I count to 20, to bow and many other things. At the beginning it did not go well because he was clicker training me. He would offer a behavior and then I would click and treat. Not a good idea.

For those who do not understand clicker training it is basically a treat based training. When the horse offer the behavior you expect you click with a clicker and then offer the treat. The click is what gets them excited. It is a great training tool but must be used correctly to get the proper results.

It can correct behaviors very fast and is quite amazing. Anyone who has any questions about it can contact me through my website at where you will also find lots of information about pets and more pet stories. You can upload your pet story there too. !

Have a great day !

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Jun 05, 2008
Your horse is so cute!
by: Jessica

That is the cutest horse I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!

Jan 25, 2008
Crackerjack is gorgeous!
by: Sydney

Crackerjack looks like a really handsome horse! I've never heard of clicker training but it sounds like something worth learning about. I like your website too!!!

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