Cinnamon and the others...

by rayna
(mesa arizona)

I know this is not horse related but it broke my heart and I need to tell somebody.....Our beautiful half lop half unknown rabbit Snickerz (in picture)gave birth to a batch of marvelous babies. We visited them daily but they kept getting out at night. Unfortunately we had an owl in our neighborhood. So The bunnies were Cinnamon a light grey one and a dark grey one. S

So one day I came outside and saw all the bunnies but those three. I didn't really think much of it because they could have been resting so I went inside. I kept on coming out untill the 5th day when they still didn't show. Thats when I panicked. And that's also when my mom told me about the owl.

So We waited and waited and saw every bunny but those three. It is May 28. 2010 right now and we still haven't seen them and it has been almost a month....We are only left with 2 bunnies but our other 3 adult rabbits had 2 more batches! Sadly, Cinnamon, and the other 2 bunnies, had gotten snatched up by the owl one night while they were feasting through my mothers garden......Rest in peace my beautiful bunnies...

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May 30, 2010
by: Sydney, Amanda and Christy

Awww poor bunnies. We are sorry the owl got them.

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