Christmas of Nightmares

by Lady Sophie-Jane
(Bedfordshire, England)



24th December 2003
Bedfordshire, England, UK

Christmas eve was perfect as always but a terrible twist happened.

It was a cold day, snow and ice. I walked in from the yard and took off my coat, hat and gloves. I sat down for my lunch and stared at the Christmas tree which was covered with silver baubles, beads and all sorts of posh things. I will skip to the point so you don't get bored.

It was around half three when I went back out to the barn and into my horse Bellisa Dreams'(Bella) stall.

She was heavily pregnant and looked like she would start her contractions at any time. I fed her and groomed her then went to other stalls. At around 9pm, I heard Bella neighing extremely loud so I ran into the barn trying not to slip over!

Bella started to give birth but she was in too much pain. We got the foal out after about two and a half hours but it was healthy. Bella in the other hand was still in pain and was bleeding from her 'area' badly. 12am Christmas day just lying in Bella's stall next to her foal just staring. I was in pain and was crying. Bella had died in just half an hour after her foal was born! My beautiful mare had died after the birth of her filly.

Christmas just wasn't the same without her and I will never forget her ever.

The foal was a beautiful piebald filly that we called Tinsel (show name is Sparkling Tinsel Town). Just letting you know that Tinsel is well and doing great in competitions.

Thank you for reading.

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Dec 11, 2010
by: Alex

That is a great story but very sad. sorry about Bella, she would have been a great horse but I am happy to hear that tinsel is going good. also, tinsel is a good name cause she was born almost on Christmas day.

Nov 30, 2010
so sorry..
by: Sydney

your story is bittersweet. sorry you had to lose your mare.

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