Chloe's Silver Star

by Summer
(Washington, USA)


Joy opened the back door and closed it behind her. She stepped onto the back porch, barely glancing at the porch swing and various bean bags and pillows that were everywhere. She had one task, one thing to do. She looked out across the pasture, waiting, listening. She let loose with a shrill whistle, and a small smile flitted across her lips.

She heard the sound of galloping hooves, and that was what she wanted to hear. She saw her gelding, her beloved Silver, galloping towards her. He slowed to a trot and nuzzled her. He was an American Quarter Horse, and he was a dapple grey color. As he came up, she flattened out her hand, offering the apple in his hand. He took it, then nuzzled her. She smiled, and put her arms around him. Nothing could get better than this life, Chloe thought.

She swung up onto his back, riding towards her small stable. She asked him to canter, gently clucking to him. He responded swiftly, breaking into a smooth, rolling canter. Finally, they reached the stable. She dismounted, and patted him. She took him to to the tack room, where she grabbed her grooming kit. She put his black halter on, and led him to his stall. She clipped on the cross ties, but she heard someone coming up behind her.

"Surprise!" She heard. Joy whirled around so fast that her pale blonde hair that was hanging loosely slapped her in the face. As she pushed it out of her face, she saw her friends, June and Grace, standing in front of her, looking amused. Okay, fine, maybe a little more than amused. While Grace just had a normal, amused expression, June looked like she was trying hard not to laugh. A snort escaped her tightly clamped lips, until she had erupted into full-out laughter.

Grace and Joy joined in the laughter, laughing until their sides hurt. June shook her head and said "You really should've seen the expression on your face, Joy! It was hilarious!" Grace shook her head, a smile lighting up her face. "Well, I have to admit, you guys did surprise me a little." Joy said, shyly hiding her smile. Grace smiled.
"You're too easy to scare, Joy. Even when we want to, we feel bad afterwards." Grace said. Joy smiled. "It's fine, I don't mind being scared." June hugged her. "See, that's what we love about you. You're always forgiving, even when you're too shy to admit it."

She said. Joy smiled. "Thanks." She answered.Grace went over to hug her too. "Okay," said June, pushing back. "We almost forgot the reason we came over. Wanna come over on a trail ride with Grace and me? We were thinking of going by Summer Creek, since it's so cool over there, then go over to the meadow, then over to the cliff to watch the sun as it sets over the woods."
June said. Joy smiled. She loved that about June. Always ready with a plan. Always having a great idea for the location of their trail rides. Joy nodded, not concealing her smile this time. "Okay, that sounds just fantastic!" Joy said enthusiastically.

Grace nodded, happiness showing in her green-grey eyes that were usually serious. "June always has the best plans. I'm going to saddle up Danicca, and if I finish before you guys, well." Her eyes glimmered. "You better hope I don't or I'll be leaving you in the dust."

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