Chja Medal Finals

by Shaina
(longmont colorado, USA)

a couple of months back, I was at the CHJA (Colorado hunter jumper association) medal finals. I hadn't done very well in my jumping round I wasn't expecting much. When they called me into the ring for the work off, I wanted to cry. I watched the other riders do their round as I figured in front of the judge. When it was my turn, I gulped and stepped forward. Now for her work off, is Shaina Green and SwingTime. (said the announcer, we practically floated through our course. It was perfect, the best i THINK I'VE EVER DONE AT A SHOW, not to mention my very first state show! When we all had gone, the announcer started from 6th to 1st. When it was me and the last girl, I started to feel the tears form...I hadn't thought I would place let alone get CHAMPION or RESERVE!!! When I heard the other riders name being called, I never heard mine over the screams and cheers from my mom, trainer, fellow show buddies, and just the whole crowd. By now I was sobbing, I didn't see the steward walk up and pin the huge ribbon on my horses bridle. Now for the victory CANTER the announcer emphasized. I smiled, and led the victory canter...even though me and my horse galloped full out. I held the medal that I also had received, above my head like they do in the Olympics. I had contemplated throwing my helmet into the crowd, but after I am only thirteen!

What I won: A New show bridle, cooler, ribbon, medal, picture frame,and the best day of my life!

Event I was in: The Columbine Junior medal 12-17.
( I was the youngest in the group!)

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