Chevy and Lulu rock this world!

by Chevy
(Calgary, AB, Canada)

this is Lulu and my trianer Kim

this is Lulu and my trianer Kim

I was horse crazy as soon as my aunt Jill showed me her prized horse Kit. Kit was 17 hands and he did everything. Dressage, cattle roping and barrel race champ 4 years in a row. He was the very first horse i ever rode. Unfortunately he died at age 37 last year.

Then we moved to Calgary from Edmonton and i was horse less for a year. There were trail rides here and there held at the local ranches, but that was never enough. After lots of begging my parents signed me up for english lessons.

Then I bought Lululemon (lulu for short) this year in April. Since then we have gone to -- show park and my locker door is covered with 87 ribbons! I am sadly starting to outgrow lulu but we still have another season. I love the smell of the barn.

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