by Miranda

cheveyo: my first love

cheveyo: my first love

Well I am 14 now but i've been horse crazy all my life... It all started when I was 5, my grandpa would always take me on rides on his big gentle teddy bear roan, leroy. My mom was a single parent so she could never afford to get me my own horse so I always had little horse figures to play with and I took lessons every week at a little stables on a horse called playgirl, I took lessons until I reached middle school and my grandma decided I was ready to have a horse of my own.

We searched and searched and finally we found a cute little appaloosa horse that was dirty and scruffy but it was love at first sight and I knew he was the one. We hitched the trailer up and picked him up the next weekend. After tons of horse shampoo and extensive brushing we uncovered the true beauty underneath all the mud and dirt, my beautiful horse Cheveyo!

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