Cheshire Cat

by Melody

I know it's not a horse, but all the horse drawings I've done on the computer are really bad-the only ones I have are those I did without a tablet, which are awful seeing as I can't draw with a mouse >.<

Yeah, it's the cheshire cat from the new Alice in Wonderland movie. First time I've done a drawing that isn't a wolf or horse xD

Also the first time I've attempted shading.. although you can't really tell xD

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Aug 09, 2010
by: immy

If you're that good at drawing cats you must be good at drawing horses!

Jul 20, 2010
by: Melody

Thanks, and I'll try. I have a tablet now, so I might be better xD

Jul 20, 2010
your drawing
by: Sydney

it's great!! why don't you try posting one of your horse drawings? it can't be that bad..

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