Chasing The Wind

by Horse Person One

Chapter One: Arrival

Two lead ropes on each side of me were pulling me out of the trailer. I have been in that trailer for a week, on a trip across America. I was being sold to a ranch called Golden HorseShoes Ranch, which I know I am going to hate.

"I will take her to her stall," said a voice right next to me.

On the way to my stall, that same girl said, "well, you sound like you're ready for a fight with Amber!"

I did now know who this "Amber" was, so I just ignored that. When we were walking towards my barn, I heard a bang in the other barn. I heard someone call out, "Olivia, Amber got out of her stall!"

That's when I met Amber. She came galloping towards me and at that very moment her hoofs struck me and I was on the ground. I wouldn't give up. I got back up and charged toward her, almost knocking over Olivia, which is the person that led me. I went up to Amber and kicked her. Hard. I saw a big cut right on her chest.

"Get Amber to the hospital, Carly and Emily. Fast!" Screamed Olivia. And I saw Emily and an older person, which was Carly, drive Amber away. Olivia picked up my lead rope and walked me to my stall. My bay coat was drenched in sweat.

That night, Olivia came to my stall and gave me my hay, water, and oats. Then, for some reason, stayed with me. I thought no one would stay with me after what happened earlier that day. I heard her say, even though I wasn't paying attention, "please don't do this again or I am going to have to get rid of you."

After hearing this, I knew I have to jump the fence. I have been sold to many ranches, and every ranch got rid of me because I am too wild. When she left, I planned out how I am going to escape. I said to myself, first, I have to break out of this stall. Then, I have to race to the fence and jump. Finally, I have to run away into the wild.

I started to kick the door, and then Olivia came back and tied me to the post right next to my stall. That plan went down the drain.

I was a smart horse, so I untied my lead rope and broke out of my stall. I trotted to the fence and collected myself and burst out in a jump. I went down in a bang.

Chapter Two: Flames in the Barn

When I woke up, I found myself in my stall, in cross ties. I tried to remember what happened last night and I started thinking to myself, jump the fence... gallop... crash. I remembered! I tried jumping the fence but I jumped too low and landed on the fence.

"Good morning girl! You sure tried to escape last night," said Olivia as she walked into the barn, "You're lucky you didn't have any broken bones! You sure wanted some freedom. Wait, that's it! Your name is now Freedom!"

I never thought about having a name. The people at Springfield Farm, my old home, called my Sassy, but they said it wasn't a permanent name.

Later that day, Emily came into the barn with another horse. "Hey Freedom. You have a new friend in the barn! Just don't fight. His name is Thunder." She said.

I could tell that the horse was a stallion, because he was trying to bite a chunk out of Emily's arm. She just pushed his head away. Emily walked Thunder into his stall on the other side of the barn. When Emily left, I took a nap and woke up to find it midnight.

All of my food was in my stall and I was tied up. Again, I untied the rope and found that the gate was open and Thunder was out of his stall. I was guessing that he opened it.

I walked out of the barn and saw Thunder in the shade of the big oak tree. I trotted up to him and gave him a look, which meant I am ready for a fight when you are.

I heard some commotion in the other barn and I cantered over. I took a peek inside and the roof was falling down! I whinnied to get Thunder to come over.

We both went in to unlock all of the stall doors and told the horses to come out. All of them quickly trotted out. I looked back at the barn, and a paint horse was left behind. She had a little foal with a broken leg and she wouldn't leave the foal.

I went inside the barn and got the little foal. I had to walk out because she was on my back. The mare cantered out. I could tell she was terrified.

When we were done saving the horses, it was almost morning time! Olivia came outside and saw us all standing there. "Why are all of you standing here?!" She asked. I wish I could tell her. She walked over to the barn, and saw that it was red with flames.

"Call 911! Now!" She yelled to Emily and Carly.

Ten minutes later, a big red truck came to the ranch. Olivia had all brought us to the paddock. The people that came out of the truck started shooting the fire with water. Thirty minutes later, the people and truck left.

On the other side of the paddock, Thunder was rearing. I knew what that meant. He thinks he is the king of the herd. I galloped over and struck him. He got back up and bit me right in the neck. I fell to the ground.

Chapter Three: Hospital

I woke up in a strange stall that I wasn't used to. I had a big bandage on my neck and I was in cross ties. A strange person that was talking to Olivia walked up to me and said, "She will heal in a couple days, but we have to keep her here."

They left after a couple minutes and I heard a familiar whinny. Amber was here. Carly came and put a lead rope on me to take a walk. I bolted and went to Amber, who was being walked, too. She bolted as well and we met in the middle.

The first to strike was me. I reared, pawing the air furiously, and I struck her with my hoof. Then she tried to bite me, but I was too smart and kicked her right in the chest. That ended the fight. She got knocked out. And all of a sudden, I fell to the ground.

I woke up in a medical stall, with a vet right next to me. I noticed that she gave me a sleeping shot to stop the fight. She came up to me and squeezed all of my legs, checked my body, and she tried to open my mouth but I refused. She had to call in more vets to pin me down. The vet finally opened my mouth but I bit her. After that I was in the trailer, going to Florida.

Chapter Four: Springfield Farm

Another week inside that trailer was a nightmare. When I finally got there, someone just came up to me without letting me meet him, and led me to my stall.

I had to be in cross ties for the entire day and night. I was thinking Springfield Farm changed owners. It was time for bed, but no one came to untie me. I guess I had to sleep like this.

In the morning, they made me wake up at 5:00 for training. The same person that led me out of the van took me to the tacking area. He put my saddle on, which I was used to, and he tried to put the bit in my mouth but I would not open. He tried a different way which was he held a carrot to me. I opened my mouth and he shoved the bit in my mouth. A different person came and got on top of me. I have done this before so I wasn't bucking, I would love to though.

We got on the track. He warmed me up at a trot, but I fought for rein. Then he signaled me to canter, but I galloped. He pulled too hard on the reins. I couldn't take it anymore. I bucked him off. He went flying into the air and hit the ground with a crash.

Another rider came and luckily, she was the one I really liked from last time I was here. "Hey, Freedom. I think that's your name. Calm down. I know you want to gallop, but we specialize in jumping. If you want to race, you should have been better at Golden HorseShoes. Now just calm down and we will start jumping." She said as she was mounting.

I cantered on the track and I wasn't interested in this. I wanted to race. I cleared the first jump but landed wobbly. We went over four more fences. I walked off the track dancing around. My heart sank when I saw Harold, the meanest person here, walk up.

"Wow. You call that riding. She wasn't focused. You should have got her attention by shaking the reins." He said.

Allison, my rider, said, "well, she doesn't like jumping so she wasn't interested. If I shook the reins, it makes the bit bump her teeth. That is like when..."

Harold interrupted her, "that's like blah, blah, blah. I don't care about her. I care about winning."

Allison dismounted and walked me to my stall. I could tell she hated Harold. The next day, Olivia came back to see if there were any other horses for sale. She came to my stall and talked to me. I was half asleep so I didn't know what she was saying.

Allison came over to take me for a ride. She noticed Olivia and told her, "Hi! You must be Olivia from Golden HorseShoes. I am Allison, her rider. Would you be interested in watching her workout?"
"Sure," replied Olivia, "I'd love to."

We got on the track and as usual jumped over 5 fences. I was so tired of it.
"Looks like she doesn't like to jump." Olivia said.

"Yah. She wants to race."

"How about I buy her again and train her for racing."

"That would be great!" And again, back in the trailer for a week.

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Feb 17, 2020
carry on!!!
by: horse girl

this is such a good story!!! plz write more:):):)

Apr 08, 2018
Chapter 5: Race Training
by: Horse Person One

Chapter Five: Race Training

I was finally back in my stall at Golden HorseShoes. I had to admit, the people here were nice and the ranch is amazing.

"Hey girl! Are you happy to be home?" Said a voice around the corner. "We are going to start flat race training today."

Olivia led me out of my stall and into the tacking area. There, Emily put my saddle and bridle on. Olivia mounted and warmed me up at a canter. Then, she signaled me to gallop. I burst out in flames, like a comet dashing through the air. This wasn't my full speed run though. I knew Olivia knew that too.

I was fighting for rein, while I broke out in sweat. She put the reins right behind my ears I went faster than the speed of light! I came off the track soaking wet from sweat. Emily cooled me out and untacked me.

The next day we did the same thing but no one was riding me. They wanted to see what I looked like when I ran. I ran just as fast as yesterday. I heard them say, "that horse is sure chasing the wind. She will be an amazing racehorse." Hearing this made me happy. I came off the track wanting to do more, so Olivia got on me bareback.

I went fast, but I still had more. She loosened the reins but not enough. Then she finally put the reins where I wanted. I galloped away. My heart fell to the ground when I couldn't feel anything on my back.

Mar 31, 2018
Great Help!
by: Horse Person One

Thanks so much for putting up with my questions! This really does help!

Mar 29, 2018
Horse Person One
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Otherwise, it automatically gets deleted and replaced. Hope this helps!

Mar 28, 2018
One More Thing
by: Horse Person One

This isn't the right picture. I have no idea what happened. Do you think you know?

Mar 28, 2018
by: Horse Person One

That is a great help! Thank you so much! New chapter coming at you very very soon!

Mar 28, 2018
Horse Person One
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Mar 28, 2018
Thank You!
by: Horse Person One

Thanks so much for liking it! Also, I have two questions. I am new to this website, so I don't know a lot. How do you add more to the story? I published the same story, thinking this one didn't publish, and I want to delete one. How do I do that? Thanks again!

Mar 27, 2018
by: Sally

This is so good you left me hanging! When I read it I was ready to yell WHAT! Please continue I can't wait to see what happens next!

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