Chasing Dreams

by DJ

"Okay, lets go." Christina Waters whispered as she led her dapple grey hanoverian gelding, Sterling, from the stall.

"Mom is going to kill me if she finds out we were riding at midnight," she said to her horse as she mounted up bareback. "But let's not worry and enjoy our ride," she grinned and asked her horse for a walk.

"No helmet, no saddle, and the best part it's still dark out," she whispered to Sterling grinning.

She squeezed him into a canter and took off across the empty pasture. "This is amazing!" She exclaimed as her brunette hair blew in the wind.

"You're enjoying this too, aren't you?" She asked Sterling patting his soft grey neck. "No galloping tonight though, I can't see the ground and I don't want you getting hurt." She shortened her reins and turned him back the opposite direction.

"We better head back to the barn," she thought as she slowed him to a trot.

As she arrived at the barn, she dismounted and led Sterling quietly to his stall, a grin covering her face. She led him in and unbridled him.

"You're not sweaty so I'll just run the hard brush over you," she mumbled as she began brushing off his silvery coat. Setting down the brush, she kissed his soft muzzle.

"Did you enjoy your ride?"

Chris looked up to see her Mom standing in front of the stall, her arms crossed.

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Mar 23, 2017
Awesome story!
by: Beckiehorselover

Please write more! And see if you can find my story Midnight the Black Stallion! I really want to find out more!

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