Chasing Dreams ♥ - Part 1

by Lara

The sun was setting, creating a black silhouette of the grey pony storming around the ring. Despite its feisty manner, the rider was completely serene, sitting quietly on her steed's back; the only movement she performed was thrusting her upper body forwards as the pair soared effortlessly over the jumps. You could tell they were utterly at home, and preferred nothing else to this.

“How was that?!” Alice exclaimed breathlessly, coming to a halt in front of Maria. She patted her gallant grey gelding, Cobweb, as she looked expectantly at her best friend.

“Great,” Maria smiled. “Really good,” .
She watched as Alice dismounted, patting Cobweb, and lead him back to the yard. Lost in her most desperate dreams once again, she imagined what it would be like if that was HER, taking HER pony back to the stables.

If only, she thought, if only...

* * *

“Hey, Maria!” called the familiar voice of Alice. “Guess what!!”
Maria pretended it wasn't her Alice was calling to, for she wasn't oblivious to the fact that Alice's urgent shout had drawn more than a few alarmed faces across the school playground.

“Yup?” she replied as airily as she could manage once she reached Alice's little gaggle of friends. Although aware that it wasn't very supporting to her best friend, Maria couldn't help hoping that Alice's news wasn't a show that she was planning to participate in with Cobweb, or anything that made her pony-owning situation very obvious.

“Me and Web are definitely going in for St Chamberall Show!”

Maria sighed.

“It's a shame you don't have your own pony, Ri, 'cause then we could hack out to the show together. Me and Mum have planned a route because our horsebox, well, has definitely seen better days, it's not very long, just through the farmer's fields, a little roadwork but not too much cause obviously Cob has still got his ongoing fear of motorbikes, and...”

Tuning out, Maria let Alice burble on about her pony and show off to her friends. She was happy for Alice, of course, but she was much more carefree only 5 months ago when both girls were
without ponies. They had spent hours together poring over the 'For Sale' section in Pony Mag, deciding which ones they'd buy and laughing over ridiculous prices.

When Alice had gotten Cobweb, it was understandably all she could talk about. Maria knew if she was to get a pony she'd never stop going on about it; but Alice seemed to forget Maria didn't actually have a pony. Recently Alice had made lots of new friends at Pony Club Rallies and shows – rich, pretty girls that were all in possession of at least one horse. Although she didn't like to admit it, Maria was feeling a bit rejected and out of the scene.

At long last, Maria had completed her forceful slavery of the educational prisonary confinements and was walking home. Alice had been picked up in her Mum's flashy black Range Rover (which constantly seemed to be emitting some sort of glow), so Maria was on her own.

She strolled serenely along the lane as the bright light of a summer's afternoon descended into the pink-tinted evening sky. The road ahead of her was bathed in a milky golden glow and her gangly, tall shadow was her only company.

The only noises was leaves rustling as if sharing a secret, and the tired chirps of birds high up in the treetops; until another sound interrupted the tranquil evening noises.

A whinny, ringing clear in the thin air.

Thanks for reading, love you guys!!! x ♥

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Oct 12, 2012
by: abigail

i like it, you right nice.

Oct 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

Excellent!!! You have a very nice way of writing! Please, please,please, continue!

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