Chapter 5 of READ and PLEASE COMMENT! (I don't have a title yet)

by Destiny

The next day I rolled over in bed and groaned. “This is the first day of school” I said thinking aloud. Then dizzily flopped my head on the pillow.

Suddenly I heard the creek of my closet door. I jumped out of bed just in time to see a white linen gown disappear out my bedroom door. “That must have been my imagination” I whispered, saying my thoughts

I hurried over down stairs into the kitchen. “Is Alice up yet?” I asked moving towards the fridge. As I looked out the window “No, she's a sleepy head, she always heads to the kitchen first when she wakes up, that's how I know!” Alice's sister, Jasmine replied, giggling.

I looked out the window, and shook my head as I saw Alice and a boy talking to each other, as she pointed to bedroom, and she obviously arguing with him. I turned on the sink and looked back up, both of them were gone. I shook my head and rubbed my eyes. “I must be seeing things!” I said aloud

“Huh?” Jasmine said looking at me “Oh, I thought I saw Alice and a boy talking, and now they’re gone” “Oh, you must of seen Jason, he comes over now and then to help clean out stalls.” “Oh” I replied shrugging “You have an hour to get ready, to go or y’all will be late for school.” Jasmine said as Alice walked in.

We had barely missed school that day. All the way to school Alice chanted on and described every living creature in the school, giving the tiniest details. For instance, Madison: Crazy, Red hair, hot tempered, loves fashion, up to date on every new fashion, or apparel coming out, in Paris, and TOTALLY in fashion, she was very beautiful, and everyone knew that.

OK, my definition was small, two words actually. Genius, Right? City Slicker!

“Oh, there's my friend, Madison and Adriana!” Alice exclaimed as we stepped off the bus.
Madison was just as Alice had described her, she even walked like she described! Adriane was a tall, beautiful blonde, with golden curls, and sky blue eyes. Her clothing was, black leggings, with a longs black short that had black leather fringes on the front, back, and both sides, and Roberto Cavalli black leather stud knee high boots on.

Madison's red hair flew in her eyes as she stepped off the buss in her brown leather gladiator high heels (Yes, that’s that brands name)

“I totally hate these high heels, there not high enough!” Madison said sighing. At my opinion they looked pretty tall. “I know, I just got these high heels, when my Mom went to Paris!” Madison said as she pointed to her high heels. “Then why do you wear them?’

“Because, it’s the latest fashion!” she continued “My Mom found them, at Sergio Rossi, and I just couldn’t go without! They were at a pretty good price!” Adrianne answered enthusiastically “How much?” Adrianne asked “A thousand!” “That is wicked!! Daddy is trying to get me to cut a little lower on the prices; he said “Let’s try to spend at most 10,000 dollars a month”

“So little!” All the girls chorused (Except for me) “I like my high heels!” I joked as I pointed to my cowboy boots and tossed my hair “I got them when my Mom went to Texas!” I continued rolling my spurs

“You’re funny!” All the girls chorused. “Were going to run to Starbucks to get a coffee, after school” Adriana continued “Wanna com?” “No, y’all just go ahead!” I replied grabbing my backpack off the ground, and opened the large glass doors of the school, stopping to glance at the front of the school. In large green letters it wrote Hidden Meadow junior high

“Your locker Is by the green, locker!” Alice exclaimed trotting up to me “I have to put my things in my locker.” Meet me at room three.” She said as she hurried off to her friends

As I closed my locker door I noticed about five girls walking towards me. “This is my chance to make a good impression!” I thought” But Mom's words flew through my head, I pushed them aside, and walked over to the girls. “Hi!” I exclaimed. I watched the girls eye travel down my cloths, as she gave a huff of pride.

“Those cloths are SOOO lame!” One of the girls said as the other girls giggled as she slapped my books out of my hand, and pushed me aside. I felt my face turn hot red… I thought a second then said confidently “You think I just went over to you to get your approval of my cloths!?! I like the way I dress, and what I dress. And I don't care about your opinion.” I said as I walked off “I glanced back, the girls faces looked angry... All the school girls laughed.

“You’ll pay for this you little devil” I heard her say under her breath. “Oh yeah, those are the school bullies.” Alice said then smiled. Out of all the chanting Alice made on the way to school, she left out the most important part! “The leaders name is Ashley” Alice said and her words trailed off….

“This is a free country, and we should be allowed to speak freely, about what we think!” Madison said, looking in her hand-held mirror “Like what?” Alison asked taking a huge bite of her sandwich “Free manicures, every Friday!” Adriana answered throwing her hand in the air and admiring her nails. At that, I spit out my jelly sandwich that had tasted really good. Then I looked at my nails and giggled, they were basically nothing from me biting them off.

“Ya'll want to come to my house?” Madison asked.

“Sure!” Alison answered then gave me a questioning glance “I'll just go back to Alison's house.” I answered grabbing my trash and tossing it unto the trash.

“Awwww, come on!” She replied pulling my arm till it felt like it might fall off “I'll see, but I need to get back to feed, and do some other things with Asmin.” I replied.

When I reached the Waynes house I threw down my bike and ran to the barn. “Asmin!” I said stroking his neck “I already missed you!” Asmin nickered softly. I slid the stall door open and took the halter and slid it on his nose, and tied it up. Then taking his lead rope I tied it to the other noose on the halter and slid on Asmin's back.

I nudged him to go and trotted out of the barn (It took a while though) once I warmed him up in the arena, I knew he was ready for some jumping “Ready bot?” I whispered into Asmins ear. He snorted and jumped into a lope. He loped around and then tried about a two foot jump, up and over, then turning a tight turn I loped up to the next jump, a three foot jump, I pulled my chest up over his neck, and grabbed on his stomach with my calf’s, up and over, I felt like I was flying!

“Hey, Grace!” A voice said. I turned my head around. It was Jasmine. I grabbed Asmin's mane, as I felt myself slip off “Whoa!” I called out. Asmin gave a grunt as he slid to a stop, as I slipped off, unto the ground.


“It's ok!” I answered climbing the round pin panels. “

Your Mom texted me earlier today, and said she couldn't call you, but she would e-mail you.”

“Thanks!” I replied as I hopped out of the round pin “Can I text Mom a quick text?” “Sure”

LoverNeverFails: Mom,
Can I go over to one of Alice's friends for dinner?


AHorseLoverzMom: Grace,
If you feel comfortable, and want to. Use your manners!

“I'll drive you too Alice's friends house, if you want” Alice's sister said grabbing her purse “Her friends is only a block, I can walk!” I replied, not wanting to overstay my welcome “No, I have to pick up some things on the way anyway!”

“Your here!” One of Alice's friends screeched, as I opened the front door of Alice’s friends house

“Yeah, I'm here.” I replied yawning “I'm Susan” Madison’s friend said shaking my hand vigorously

“I'm Grace” I replied shaking her hand “Why don't we take a shopping spree!” Susan screeched jumping up and down. I was totally not used to that, I hoped I didn't look dumb staring at her with my look “Grace, you can just stay if you'd like” Alice said with a twinkle. Then a woman with flaming red hair, and designer boots walked in “I'd love to take Grace with me, to teach my horse – lesson!” She said looking in my direction.

“I'd love to!” I said jumping up and grabbing my cowboy hat, then looking over at Susan “By the way, I'm Susan's Mom, Atina” “Why didn't you tell me!” I said as I looked in Susan's direction “I didn't think you'd think it was interesting” Susan said smiling with a twinkle in her eyes. I really didn't know what the twinkling in everyone's eyes was, but I was sure I'd get to the bottom of this!

As I reached the barn, a girl about my age ran up to our car “I can’t get Thunder!” She screeched “Grace, can you get him for her?” “Sure” I replied grabbing the neon pink halter from the little girl’s hand. “He won’t let you get him, he hates riding” The little girl said as I opened the paddock gate.

“Which one is he?” I smiled and asked the little girl “The pinto one!” I looked over to where the little girl pointed to. A beautiful tan, black, and cremello gelding stood. The whites of his eyes showed, as he pranced around his paddock “Easy now, Thunder, easy boy” I spoke softly to the gelding as he looked at me, and stood. Then he reared up and galloped over to the watering bucket and reared up again.

“Easy boy” I spoke again slowly approaching him, then I got close enough to slip the lead-rope around his neck. “Good boy!” I praised him, and stroked his sleek coat. “You can lead him in.” I replied tying on the halter, and laughing inside at the awed look of the little girls face

“Is it fine if you could drop me off at the Wayne's so I could check on Asmin?” I asked climbing into the car, after the lesson was over “Sure!”

I hopped out of the car and hugged my coat closer to me, it was freezing, the snow had already begun to fall. “Asmin?” I said trotting up to his stall. I looked in his stall, it was empty! After searching the entire barn, and all the paddocks, and asking every groom that was at the barn. A cold ting went down my spine as I panicked and ran to the car.

“Asmin's missing!”

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