Catori - Part 1

by Rayna
(Mesa, AZ, USA)

I glared fiercely into his eyes, as he reached out a hand to help me up.

"Leave me alone, Hank." I mumbled, getting to my feet.

"I am your father, young lady, and you will do as I say." Hank demanded.

I turned around, so my back was facing him, and walked towards those big rollings hills of thick, luscious,green grass, where the horses grazed. I wanted to be as far away from that selfish, abandoning man who calls himself my "father", as I could. My mother had recently passed away and since there was nobody else for me to live with, I was shipped off to his ranch.

"Katherine Streak, you get your butt back here!" Hank called. I reached out a hand, waved to him and continued to stomp away. He made me so angry! A father is somebody who loves you. Not somebody who abandons you and your mother at birth. Not somebody who never invited me to see the horses when I was little. I didn't even like horses anymore! What's the point in them? They're big smelly creatures, and you can't even tell the front from the back!

I continued to trudge through the lovely green grass, when suddenly a rearing white horse galloped by. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared. She galloped with such beauty, it was almost impossible. Her coat shone bright in the mid-day sun, and her creamy mane flew in the wind.

I dropped my cellphone, and slowly inched towards her. She stopped and stared wildly at me. I held out a hand and she stayed surprisingly still. Her lovely blue eyes stared directly at me. It was as though you could swim in them. I slowly stroked her face, when suddenly, she galloped away.

Quickly I looked around in wonder. I picked up my phone and turned around, but suddenly, I fell to the ground. I stared at the huge creature who stood next to me. It placed it's heavy paws on my chest and dug its claws into it. The creature growled at glared into my eyes. I knew I was looking straight into the eyes of death.

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