Cassey - Part 1

by What they call me
(Milky way Galaxy)

Once upon a time, in a little village there lived a girl who loved horses. She studied them all day and all night.

She did all her chores, homework, and extras to save up for a horse, but she just couldn't get that cash!

This little girl's name was Lia.

Lia visited her friends often. She loved music and was very talented. But nothing interested her more than horses. Then she saw a add in the paper of a free horse! It wasn't the prettiest horse she had ever seen, but is was worth checking out.

The next day she came home with the horse in the paper. She was a grey overo Welsh\Arabian mix. A strange horse indeed, but a real joy to have around. The horse's name is Cassey. Even though Cassey is old, around 18, Lia is just so thankful to finally have her own horse!

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