Casper - Part 1

by horsecrazylover

Boom! Thunder was rolling. Rain was pounding on my window and on the roof. I couldn't sleep.I just couldn't. Not with all these noises waking me up! I turned on my lamp and grabbed a book. I looked over at the clock. It aid 2:00 AM. How early! I looked back at the book I held in my hands. I opened it up, and started reading. This is what the story was....

"The black horse reared up as the man struggled to put him in his trailer. The horse screamed as he whipped him. He reared up again trying......"

I couldn't read. The noises were too loud. I had to think of something to do! I thought and thought. I couldn't think of anything to do. I couldn't sleep. I couldn't read. What should I do?

Sorry it's soooo short!

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