Carol's Summer - Part 1

by Kaitlyn

My parents car didn't even come to a full halt when I opened my door and jumped out. I landed with a thud on the dirt driveway, and dust flew up into my face. "Carol," my mother warned, "Don't do that." I shrugged with a sigh.

"But most of all have a fun day at camp!" she said smiling. She turned her car and started driving away, but then she stopped and opened her window. "Oh and be careful!" she yelled.

I rolled my eyes and waved. My mother was always scared that I could get hurt, and that horses were to dangerous. But that never stopped me from riding. And unfortunately for my mother, it never will.

The clubhouse was filled with kids, young and old. The first thing I saw as I walked in was Kaitlyn and Mia standing at the head of the table trying to quiet everyone down.

"Hey Carol," Kaitlyn yelled over all the chatter. She pushed past all the kids and walked over to me, leaving Mia alone with everyone. "Boy, its busy in here!" she laughs. "But I have no clue where the counselors are, and if Mrs. Rocko finds out she will be angry. So I was wondering if, since you know where everything is you could try to find the counselors?" She stood there waiting for my reply.

I studied her from head to toe. She looked different this year, her light brown hair no longer fell down her back. Now it hung just above her shoulders, and she had gotten taller.

"Ya I guess I can," I reply. She grins and walks off back to Mia. I walk out the door and start looking for Alberta and Nala. I smile as I look around and realize how much I missed this place over the year.

I missed the smell of fresh shaving and of saddle soap, even the uneven ground seemed to make me happy. But now I was here,and I knew in my heart it would be a great summer.

Sorry it took me so long to finally write Carol's Summer. More to come soon :) Oh and I know its short but the next part will be longer! Thanks

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Nov 29, 2011
by: Anonymous

love it!

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