Candy - A True Friend

by Alex

This story is not real.

"Hurry up Ayla, don't you want to see the ponies?" My mum yelled as I threw on a hat and ran down the hallway. My mum was taking me to my Aunt Kristen's farm. Aunt Kristen had lots of animals, but the the miniature ponies always caught my eye.

I jumped in the car and sat there, very excited. My Aunt was always asking me to visit her farm, I had a way with the ponies, but this time it was for a very important reason that was about to change my life and I had no clue!

I thought we were just visiting aunt Kristen like any other normal day but when I got there, Aunt Kristen told me that one of her miniature ponies had just had a foal! I walked into the pony (called Biscuts) stable.

"Hello there little one!" I exclaimed. I down next to Biscuits and her foal. After stoking the foal for a while, My mum and Aunt Kristen told me to feed the other miniature ponies while they had a coffee. Little did I know, they were having a very important discussion!

Soon, I had fed the mini's so I went inside to join Aunt Kristen and my mum in the kitchen.

"Hey Ayla." My Aunt Kristin started, "I have no room for the foal around here. Would you like her?"

"Me? I asked. " I- I -I don't know what to say! Thank you!"

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Jan 09, 2011
by: Celina

nice story! can't wait for part two. please hurry! i'm dying for the answer, i want to know how it ends.

Mar 06, 2011
This story was great!
by: Horserider

:) I really liked this story. It just started as a normal day, which turned out to be the most fantastic day any horse lover would dream of!

Just a tip- Add more detail pls. Explain what the foal and ponies look like. Stuff like that!

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